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Advantages of B2B Integration Using Adeptia (Service Review)

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 03.06.30Business to Business integration is not a novel or new concept. Business to Business integration has been around since as early as late 1960’s. To put it simply, Business to Business Integration, or B2B integration, means integration, automation, and optimization of critical business processes and procedures that extend beyond four walls of an organization.

Although these key processes vary dramatically depending on the vertical, geography and company size, one point remains constant – the automation of critical external business processes, particularly the ones that touch your customers and partners. These key business processes are instrumental in delivering a measurable and sustainable competitive advantage over others.

For instance, while receiving orders for purchase from customers via electronic means, you will be able to process order information quickly and precisely. Processing these orders as they come will enable companies to act in a more responsive manner to their customer base, thereby improving customer service and thus increasing sales value as well.

Likewise, by establishing an electronic connection to external partner chains, companies will be able to achieve real-time monitoring of global shipment cycles, automation of the warehouses, and distribution centers, and also optimization of inventory. This will ultimately result in an increase in working capital and reduction of costs.

B2B Integration laid its roots when large companies started to mandate methods to receive business information technology. It later transformed via the growing adoption of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) methods and in the recent years, it has benefited from technology advancements. For example, the advent of new tech and business models like the Internet, XML, web services, Business Process Management and Software as a Service models.

These new innovations and advancements have led to new possibilities and growing benefits that are equally made available to companies of varying size and scale. There are a several ways to implement B2B Integration solutions. Let’s look at Adeptia Integration suite, its capabilities and features to understand why it is considered to be a market leader in this particular niche.

Why Should You Choose Adeptia Integration Suite?

Business User Vs Developer: Adeptia Integration Suite is uniquely positioned as a product with user interfaces for both business users and developers. While business users are able to create simple and easy app-to-app connections on their own, developers are able to create complicated integrations while making sure that proper governance is established over business user activities.
Adeptia Integration Suite – a business application: At its core, AIS is a business application and not a developer tool. By using cutting edge technology, which makes use of a totally web based UI along with a centralized object repository, AIS enables central management of all existing integrations.
Automation Potential: AIS has merged integration with BPM, allowing full automation of integration-centric business processes. A complete integration solution would not be the one that just moves data from application X to application Y, but the one that also automates business steps around the dataflow and how that particular data is used within the business operations.
Data Flows: Adeptia Integration Suite not only supports data flows that are system to system based, but also supports human workflows. This inbuilt ability to support asynchronous type of human interactions with data processing enables organizations to support long running transactions and auto recovery.
Meta-driven: By using cutting edge, meta-driven method to create and deploy process flows, AIS provides all the fruits of SOA-based methods (abstraction, inheritance, and more). AIS also empowers execution of dynamic process flows and other activities based upon processed data content and its context.
Multi Functional: One single platform that provides integration for all possible scenarios (B2B integration, Application/ESB integration, Data/ETL integration, Cloud integration and BPM). It cut shorts the learning curve by removing the need to retrain. The management of various different technologies is simplified, reducing the TCO.
Hybrid Capacity: Adeptia Integration Suite combines with other Adeptia products like Adeptia Connect to provide a holistic and hybrid end-to-end integration solution available in the market. It augments AIS’s capacity by enabling it to extend internal integrations to external partners by establishing shared connections.

If you are planning on setting up B2B integration for your business for all the reasons mentioned above, Adeptia is a market leader you can rely on.

I hope the article was useful to help you understand B2B integrations and how Adeptia fits in the whole ecosystem. Let us know if you have any doubts and we will clarify it as soon as possible.

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