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A Review Of The 4 Best Responsive Design Websites

Responsive design is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends of this year. Ther’s no wonder, since more and more users are making want their websites to render correctly on smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc. Studies show that mobile web shopping has increased with 37% in 2014 as compared to 2012, and these are significant numbers for any company that has to do with e-Commerce or customer services.

If you website ism’t a responsive one already, I’d recommend there four companies which can help you designing responsive websites.

1. JResponse (http://jresponse.net/)

JResponse is a responsive web design firm based on a point&click interface. The company is entirely cloud-based and enables users to create responsive HTML 5 websites as well as browser-based apps within a matter of clicks. Customers can also benefit from a demo and tutorial on the website as well as various other features:

– Responsive page controls. JResponse brings a set of 9 responsive controls to customers including buttons, headers, anchors, grids, menus, images, slideshows, text captions and news tickers. Additional controls are also expected to be introduced soon.

– Multiple preview modes. For those who are unable to preview a website using various devices, JResponse offers a smart preview mode. This mode show a website exactly as it appears on a smartphone, tablet or wide desktop monitor.

– Integrated script editor. Some people simply want more control over their website and JResponse was designed with this exact aspect in mind. The website comes with its own syntax highlighting as well as a dedicated JavaScript Editor with a refurbished interface.

– CSS3 support. CSS3 is the latest standard in web programming, and JResponse makes it easier for consumers to benefit from all its advantages. Furthermore, native CSS3 support is built right into the point&click interface.


  • Free of charge
  • Users can add their own scripts (like JS) and custom CSS styling
  • A wide range of of responsive page controls
  • Reusability of scripts, images, styles etc between projects
  • Extensibility-being able to add and use external page controls (e.g. an open source or MIT licensed control written for jQuery).
  • CSS3 support


  • The website itself could look a bit better, but that is just my opinion.

2. WebFlow (https://webflow.com/)

WebFlow is another firm worthy to be taken into consideration when it comes to designing responsive websites without deep coding knowledge. The site is built specifically for web designers and comes with a smart controlling interface which allows anyone to style the background color, style, links and various other elements.


  • Plenty of pre-defines themes are delivered along with the initial subscription package, thus allowing users to benefit at maximum extent from their creativity.
  • Once the website is designed with the aid of this flash builder, clients will be automatically provided with the adequate HTML&CSS coding which will allow them to release their website in no time.


  • Registration is currently free of charge; however, they have various monthly plans, thus making me, at least, think twice about it.

3. Froont (http://froont.com/)

Froont is another company offering responsive designed websites.


  • Users can use Google webfonts
  • This website is usable for any freelancer or agenc
  • The interface design is easy and intuitive and although more basic, design options are displayed on a larger basis compared to the websites above.


  • A little more basic and limited in comparison to the ones mentioned above.
  • Owners have to pay a monthly fee
  • It is to be noted that only Google Chrome is currently supported for responsive website design with Froont.

4. Macaw (http://macaw.co/)


  • The front page of this website is extremely well designed and aims to showcase users the benefits of using their platform for individual website building.
  • Benefiting from fluid grids and various slideshow options, Macaw users can feel at home knowing that they can choose from a wide range of predefined website themes. These can be customized according to personal preferences and once the process is completed, Macaw will automatically create and export the code for each version of a website.
  • Macaw also offers a free trial as to enable users as to experiment with the interactive interface, positioning and various website components available.


  • A disadvantage would be the fact that users cannot preview created websites in the absence of a dedicated mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). This represents a slight obstacle in productivity.


These are the some of best platform for designing responsive websites, each of them having its own pros and cons. If you are undecided as to whether a platform is ideal for you or not, you should always request a product trial or demo first.

If you have any questions, please ask below!