The Superiority of the Internet over Mass Media - Expanding Your Reach Beyond Local Communities

The significance of the Internet technology and the World Wide Web has gone from minuscule to unbelievable in the last twenty years or so. The content that is available through this colossal father of all media has swelled and expanded so much that some features and options come as a surprise, even to people who have been following its development with dedication and passion for years. The number of creative and innovative people that are involved with the development of new ideas and ways to use the web is amazing. Thanks to this, it is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the users, even if the users themselves do not yet realize that they have a need for a specific new feature.

This shift of focus to the Internet opens new possibilities for businesses and companies to promote their products and services with new marketing and advertising techniques and methods. The internet playground has a lot of room and gives marketing developers new toys to play with and, because all of these new promotional ways are more or less fresh, they do not meet the same kind of resistance with the audience like the old methods of advertising.

How the Internet defeated the old media


The battle for attention between various media has been going on for more than a decade now and here the results so far. The Internet is overtaking any other form of marketing and is grabbing the attention of the general public. I'm going to try and break this down a bit.



First of all, the Internet more than successfully combines the capabilities of the "old" media like television, radio, newspaper and so on, and builds upon them and expands them even further. Every piece of information, entertainment form or marketing trick that is available through these "old-timers" can be found on the web.

Virtually Free Communication

Having a solid broadband connection has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity in a record amount of time. The drop of monthly cost for use of broadband was enabled by the incredible demand for it. Thanks to that, communicational software has been developed to deal with the demand for cheap communication. The fact that you can now access the web through smartphones gives you virtually free communication, anywhere.



The presence of the Internet in our everyday lives has surpassed, by a long shot, any other media. This is due to the fact that in order to access information or entertain yourself by using a TV, you need to sit in front of it. The fact that you can access the web while you are riding a bus, sitting in the park or sunbathing on the public pool by using a laptop or smartphone, in combination with Wi-Fi technology, is something that is unheard of with any other media.

Customer input and statistical result analysis

The fact that you can really give people a chance to share their opinions and input about your products and services is something that is priceless in many ways. You get the chance to really get people involved and interested in your business and create a community of people, which is a very helpful thing. First of all, you get immediate reviews of new products, tips on how to adapt them more to the need of your customers. You can also get new ideas for free and, through this, scout new creative minds for your company. The web also gives you insight into the success of your marketing campaign with exact metrics. This is done by creating a free account on Google Analytics and connecting your website with it. This kind of input is unheard of with any other form of advertisement.

How to make your business visible


There are still many companies and businesses out there that don't even have a web page. This basically means that you are invisible to the customers in your country, unless you are advertising on television station that has a national frequency. This is always very costly, no matter the country your business is situated in. By using the web, you can achieve better results than with classical ways of advertising and for less money. Of course, this web marketing needs to be done by professionals. As with all media, not all commercials are successful.

There are many ways to advertise on the web and they can cost a lot or cost very little. In order to star your company's Internet career, you just need to get some solid hosting and a domain name, make a website and you are on your way. This is a rather cheap marketing investment and you can actually start a campaign without and investing much and then, if things go well, you can invest and build it up even more and get even better results. Of course, there are various things you should know, like how to properly choose a web hosting to suit your needs, in order to save money. This is also important because you need to choose a flexible hosting solution so you can adapt to any situation.

The Website

Your website represents your company on the web, so it is not smart to go for the cheapest possible solution here. Getting a decent website isn’t all that expensive and it will ensure that you get regular visitors to your site. It is also unwise to overcrowd it with things since the Internet users tend to leave pages very quickly, if they can't find the thing they are looking for in under five seconds. Your website needs to be presentable and straightforward and these day there are quick ways to create a free online store website.

Get Informed

This is just the tip of the iceberg! We haven't even mentioned all the different platforms and methods of marketing. We could also talk about targeting a more international crow by having an active website written in English. It is very unwise for businesses to disregard the potential power of web advertising.

Before you start doing concrete things, you need to be informed and have a basic grasp on how things work. A lot of times people invest great deals of cash into web marketing, but do a very poor job or get things they don't need and just waste their funds. Do your research properly and you will see some positive results.

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