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Why You Need More Facebook Followers And How To Get Them

gttyrAs a business owner, it is highly likely that you probably already know the importance that social media can play in your marketing campaign. In fact, recent studies show that Internet users and spending four times the amount of time socializing on social media as compared to searching on search engines. So, while targeting proper keywords and utilizing SEO is important, social media exposure is even more important. Out of the 2.1 billion people that use the Internet over half of them are registered on Facebook. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see the importance of these numbers.

Eye-Catching Images And Photos

Have you ever wondered why that funny cat video or cute dog picture garnered over 10,000 likes in just fewer than 10 minutes? It’s because images and videos are the most shared piece of content on Facebook. You want to make sure that you are not only using picture and images on your posts, but you want to utilize ones that stand out. There is a wide range of tools available online that can help you create your own custom images and photos.

Also, snapping photos with your cellphone and posting them on your Facebook pages gives your customers a chance to see your company in a different light. Instead of seeing you as a strict businessman or woman, you will almost be viewed as a “down to earth” individual with a great personality.

Keeping Your Posts Short And Sweet

According to recent studies, posts that fewer than 100 words actually receive more views. While people want to know what you are up to, they want you to be short and to the point. Just keep in mind that if you are trying to promote a product or service you can write a short post about it, but leave a link where users can travel to your official website and obtain more information.

Try To Be Informative

Nothing attracts followers more than giving away free information. People actually love guides and free tips. Not only will attract a lot of users, but it will establish you and your company as an expert in your chosen field. Be sure not to give away too much information, because you always want to leave the viewer wanting more, and you can use this technique again later down the road.

Frequent Posting

Facebook users who frequently post comments, videos and images tend to draw more Facebook likes than those who only post weekly or monthly. However, it is also just as important to make sure the posts are creative and unique. If they are similar, they will not draw new or returning users to your Facebook page. The key is to be creative, when creating new videos and images, as well as comments. If you can pull this off, you will surely score a large number of likes and followers in a very short period of time.

Like Other Users’ Post

A good way to draw other users to your Facebook page is to frequently like their posts. If someone sees that you liked their post, they will be more adamant about repaying the favor. As the old saying goes “you scratch my back and I will scratch your” is definitely true in this case. When you are choosing the posts to like, you need to make sure the user is a frequent poster. If they are not, you may not get the response that you desire. Frequent posters are more likely to respond, by liking your posts.

Promote Your Facebook Page Offline

Many people think they can only conduct online activities on the web. This is a huge misconception, because you can actually promote your social media pages offline. By placing stickers with your page’s name and URL, you may just be able to draw new people to you. If your attempts are successful, you will be able to encourage those people to become your new Facebook fan. Believe it or not, business around the globe utilize this tactic as part of their social media marketing campaign and it works wonderful.

Run Promotions

There is nothing that will grab the consumer’s attention more than the promise of a discount. Running promotions through social media platforms is a great way to entice other users to like your posts and increase your following. If your promotions are enticing enough, you may even be able to draw more traffic to your website. The more traffic the possibilities of increasing your sales.

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