Social media

Why are Social Networks Such a Powerful Tool?

We all have social networks, one, two, or all of them, and we are addicted to posting photos of cute babies and liking photos of others depicting food, cocktails, or something else - but no matter in which way you use social networks, you cannot deny the fact that everyone is there.

From hot debates to summer vacation photos, social networks are the perfect place for people of all ages, nationalities and personal beliefs to try and exchange information on a global level, either with the people they know or with the people they are about to meet. From all of this, we can clearly understand the fact why they are so popular, and despite everyone trying to promote their narcissistic side, social networks are an excellent place for product placement and marketing campaigns.

This creates the other side of social networks: companies hungry for profit, trying to find the perfect way to pitch their products and services to the mass of people mostly unaware of these attempts. In this more-than-complex eco-system, there are a couple of social networks that are dominating the playground, and it is clear that, for someone trying to promote a certain product, some of them are essential tools for success.

Blue is for Facebook

Facebook all Over the World

The major player, with probably the biggest potential is Facebook. So many people have Facebook profiles, and if someone asks you to "add him on Facebook" your response will be met with disbelief and laughing if you respond you are not a proud owner of a Facebook profile. On the other hand, having a Facebook page for your business is as essential as the product itself, and people will tell you that what is not on Facebook, it is like it doesn't exist. Instead of browsing the website of the store you are interested in, people prefer to visit their pag, where they can immediately look up their products, see comments from others who have done the same, and where they can contact the owners directly.

This instantaneous communication between you and your potential customers makes this network the perfect place for doing business, and there are a couple of tips and tricks that can be employed to make your Facebook page more appealing. Firstly, keep it constantly updated with the latest info, and make sure to offer discounts to those who contact you via Facebook. Don't be afraid to invest into Facebook promoted posts, since they will enable you to carefully select your target audience based on your wishes and your company needs, according to the data all the users have willingly provided.

Efficient Twitter


Unlike Facebook, Twitter is considered a microblogging network, where messages are short, concise, yet funny and often satirical in nature. What cannot be expressed in only a few words will have a hard time there. But this does not mean that this is not a serious platform which can be used to your advantage, it will just require a bit more attention on your behalf, and a bit more optimization. You will need to follow word trends to adequately advertise your products and follow what other companies are doing to attract attention. If you are a wordsmith, this will come easy to you, as they are easily followed there, if not for their products, but for their humor - and this is where you can try and push your services. Haven't you seen how Samsung, LG and HTC made fun of Apples bending problem in a way that was fun, educational, yet beneficial for them?

The Underdog Google Plus


Google is the Internet - so much that we say google it instead of search for it online. Despite this fact, Google does not break the mold every time it creates a service for its users, and Google+ is simply one of them. It was created when Facebook was at the prime of its youth, yet it never provided something unique enough to attract users. This does not mean that people do not use it - on the contrary, Google's search engine's integration with Google+ makes it easy for people to share content and promote their business, but simply said, many people do not bother to use it seriously enough when everyone is at the party Facebook made, where they are liking cat pictures and taking duck-face-selfies.

On the other hand, the promotion of products is easily done via Google+, and because of its unique interconnectedness with Google Play store, search engine, Gmail, and so much more, many companies quickly adapted and saw great potential in this social network. And look on the bright side, on Google+, you can hide from all the chaos that Facebook has become and simply focus on what you like - profit and business.

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