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What is Engaging Content on Facebook?

engaging-content-facebookThe most engaging content will lead to the best social media marketing campaigns. This can be visual or written which will capture a person's attention. Brands on Facebook often struggle to offer engaging social content.

How should Brands engage with their audience?

It is crucial you decide what tone of your voice is going to be before you begin with your social media activity. This should be a balance between the current company tone of voice, and one that will be appealing to your target audience.

Brands should hit the exclusive mix between creativity and content which is relevant to the brand. Humour is an easy way to entertain your audience although a portion of relevancy to your brand is important.

Engagement can be effective through these elements but let's all face it - fans will get bored if all you do is talk about your brand or products! Talking repeatedly about the business is a mistake that a lot of company's make on their fan page. An example is posting continually about their sales and offers - don't make that mistake. Evoke true engagement through conversation between you and your audience. Create a personal relationship with your customer. This, in turn, can increase brand awareness, return on investment and will get your fans and customers to get a personal touch thus gaining Brand Loyalty!

Edge rank is developed by Facebook to show what is displayed and how high it is displayed on a news feed. The aim is to keep the newsfeed fresh with interesting content as opposed to old and boring content. Affinity and interaction between a brand and a user is fundamental to have a high edge rank and visibility.

There is a range of techniques used to create engaging content, and here are a few tips;

  1. Impose questions – This is a very simple technique, yet incredibly effective. For example, ‘How do you take care of your skin?' or ‘When do you most crave hot chocolate?' This will get your followers to engage with you!
  1. Use ‘Fill in the blanks' – Have users submit their own answers. This is a fun post and it makes it easy for users to comment, share and like your posts. For example, on Mother's day have ‘I love my mum because______________'.
  1. Photos are the easiest form of content for users to engage with. Users aren't required to take action, yet they stand out on the newsfeed from all the text. Make sure to be creative!
  1. Run great competitions and promotions-A great way to get people engaging and involved is to run a competition that offers a prize or incentive. People are much more likely to engage with you when there is something in return for them.

A great facebook marketing competition example:

It is essential to analyse your target audience, study the topics they are interested in, have real engagement with fun and fresh content and make your page wide and seen with edge rank!

Remember to create an engaged audience first, and they will be a lot more interested in any of your products & services.

This in turn will lead to a great engaging page and loyal fans that will eventually lead to ROI which you can easily measure! Learn more here.

Written by Ricky Solanki His company Push have their own social media platform that helps businesses build fans and continually engage with them.

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