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Ways Social Media is Better Than SEO

There’s an ongoing debate about whether focusing on SEO or social media marketing is better for generating the most return on investment. Each of these marketing strategies is unique and they are opposites in many ways.

One offers slow and steady growth whereas the other is quick and ephemeral. They both have their advantages and using a combination of the two usually works best. Here are some of the advantages of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is all about engagement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lets your audience find you when it types in search queries in Google. They will only find you if your website page is ranked high in the search results because your page answers the query best.

Social media marketing is where you engage with followers on social media platforms to build relationships and promote brand awareness. Without building relationships with followers by engaging with them, social media marketing won’t be effective. At, you can buy Instagram followers with real profiles who will engage with your posts and help you build your presence.

You can use content to evoke an emotional response

Content that works best for SEO is informative and based on research. It usually provides in-depth explanations and answers commonly asked questions. Long-form content relevant to your target audience usually offers the most success.

The content on social media that’s most successful is very different. It is designed to engage people’s emotions and spark a response. This is why photos, videos and emotional headlines are so frequently used on social media. Bright visuals attract attention and video is easy to digest. Instead of targeting people based on what they are thinking, you target them based on who they are.

You can target your audience easily

Most social media platforms not only have well-documented demographics on the people who visit them but offer built-in ways to target them. People on social media will interact, share and engage with your content so you keep learning more about them all the time.

Engagement metrics such as likes, shares and comments are highly visible. People will often make buying decisions on social media and are influenced by the suggestions of influencers.

Your success rate may be faster

When implementing SEO strategies, it can take a long time to see results. It can even take months or years to gain the type of credibility to rank well for competitive keywords. Search engines also take time to find and index your content. It requires steady effort for some time but it can eventually result in a consistent flow of traffic.

Social media marketing takes a lot of effort but it can work quicker. It usually focuses on what’s trending and what’s popular today is no longer popular a week later. Posts appear instantly and all it takes is for a post to be popular enough to share widely to achieve success.

The problem is that the effect is short-lasting and you have to keep generating great content. Unlike SEO which can eventually bring traffic passively to your website, you have to remain consistent and make an ongoing effort on social media.

No limit to people sharing

Traffic from Google search will never exceed the number of people who search for a particular phrase every day. Growing a following on social media can take time but there is virtually no limit to the number of people who may share your content.

The more genuine the relationships with followers, the more likely they are to share content. Mini-viral events can generate a large amount of attention and bring more brand awareness.

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