Social media

Understanding The Basic Types of Social Media Marketing

social-media-iconsAre you trying to make your site go viral? Can't get enough traffic? Well, it's time you learn a thing or two about how to get that mother load traffic. Back in the day, when the online world was barren, people used to put out big banners and shout out in wireless microphones to get attention and get people to know about their business. But since the online world came into being it has gotten a lot harder to spread the word, we now need more time, money, and believe it or not; more energy. And if we don't even know where to start, the internet seems even more alienated than mars!

Anybody, who hasn't been living in a cave the past few years, knows that to spread any news, one must share. One must share on populated platforms, where people can see and explore your content and maybe, just maybe share it on, again and again and again, and so on making your content go viral.

But who hasn't tried that, right? The trick is to make your space on powerful platforms where you can gain access to thousands of users, or customers for that matter. And the most powerful of these social media platforms are:


Blogs are the best option for campaigning your content. You can add in daily logs and content from your website so that thousands of people from the blog world can see it, appreciate it, and hopefully lead on to your website, resulting in enormous trafficking. If your content is only for one purpose, say it may be ‘promoting a company', then you can add in your daily or weekly logs about what new your company has to offer, so that people who are looking for what your company have to offer, can find you and promote your content.

Social Media

Something all of us are familiar with. It's a piece of cake when it comes to spreading your content via social media. It's the same as promoting your page on facebook, or retweeting on twitter, and sharing on Myspace. You just upload your content and hit share! Simple as that. It's just normal sharing but it can lead to much greater things. People might find your content interesting and would share it on to their friends, again making your content go viral. Campaingers can use these social platforms to promote large projects, in form of pages communities, and profiles to share their content.

Viral Videos


The most effective of all social marketing schemes is video sharing. It is a professional way of delivering the message, used by most established firms and webistes. People lure in to these more because it's just watching an interesting narrated documentary. There's no reading, no boring headlines, no dull conclusions. You just look at the screen and have fun seeing a video. Plus, people online believe what they look at more, rather than reading something. Bottom line; An interesting way to attract customers is to share online videos on huge platforms like Youtube. So if you're planning on starting up a business project through the online world, don't forget to make your youtube channel.

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