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Tops Tips to Generate Contacts on LinkedIn

Do you want to boost your networking (network of contacts) on LinkedIn? The truth is that a large number of users have difficulties making the most of this social network of professionals. In this article, I will be showing you some practical tips to help you grow your connections LinkedIn.

#1: Publish Updates with Relevant Content

More and more LinkedIn users are complaining that this social network of professionals is becoming another Facebook, full of silly memes and useless math problems. Stand out from the rest and post something that may have relevance to your network and other colleagues in your industry.

Many times, I receive connection invitations after posting a good update that resonates with a target audience. This will help you reach those precious 500 connections, or if that number has already passed, you will continue to add value to your network by adding quality contacts.

#2: The Goal: To Overcome 500 Contacts

I have noticed that the vast majority of LinkedIn users respond positively to invitations to connect and networking opportunities when the other person has more than 500 connections. Other professionals will take it more seriously, and your potential clients and partners will usually consider the fact that you have less than 500 contacts as a sign of “weakness.”

To reach 500 connections, connect your email account(s), and LinkedIn will suggest email contacts that are already LinkedIn users. This simple step can give you the momentum you need to overcome the 500 contacts barrier. Fortunately, there are a couple of LinkedIn automation tools today that help makes this easier.

#3: Search and Join Groups on LinkedIn

If you want to attract several contacts, first join a series of groups, then promote yourself where your most valuable potential clients are. Review the messages and conversations, put “recommend” and “comment” in a couple of conversations.

In general, the publications in the groups are quite “dead” or at least not very active, so your participation will stand out and be seen by several users, make a perspicacious comment and you will get many profile views and connection requests.

#4: Check LinkedIn Pages About News and Articles of Interest

Several news portals such as Gestión (Spanish) and articles of interest such as Harvard Business Review, Pulse and Forbes (English) disseminate their publications on LinkedIn, which provides an excellent opportunity to comment, recommend and tag other colleagues on relevant articles. For you, this will undoubtedly give you great notoriety among the community that follows this medium, increasing your quality connections in the social network.

#5: Check the Updates of Your Contacts

Congratulate your contacts when they announce that they have obtained a new job, have been promoted, are celebrating an anniversary in the company or any other important event. Comment and share your contacts’ updates, so that your network sees your name on your homepage, this in turn, will give you views of your profile and connection requests.

Some More Tips to Help You Increase Your Contact Base and Be Successful on the Platform

  • Contributes VALUE

The most important. We are all attracted to valuable people; we want to be their friends and their contacts. My advice is that you aim to make yourself valuable, the best in what you do, and actively demonstrate it, as we will see.


The key is not in making many relationships, but incultivating important and true relationships. As with your friends, you have a genuine interest in their well-being, as it should be with those you do professionally. If we do not really care about others, what they do, and their goals, because they are not in line with ours, better do not waste your time. Don’t focus on building LinkedIn contact collections, but build a value network.

  • Be consistent and work daily

LinkedIn is not magic. It works with effort and constant work. It is a marathon for which you have to train every day. If you want to have good LinkedIn contacts, you have to “cultivate” them and bring them value every day. If you are silent and do not tell them anything, you will not get anything.

  • Have an impeccable profile

It’s your business card for your future LinkedIn contacts. Whether you like it or not; first impressions count a lot, and on LinkedIn, that first impression is your profile. Make your first presentation impeccable, or nobody will bother to look more.

  • Publish often

A good profile that is not updated is the same as an abandoned profile. You do not want to give the image of sloppiness, so you have to update often, as in any other social network.

The main objective? Remember, give value. Share interesting information, talk about your business from time to time, but not as a seller, but giving useful information.

  • Customize contact requests

I was going to call it just “personalize,” in general, because we have to do it in all interactions. But above all, I want it to be clear that it is essential for when we want to make new LinkedIn contacts.

Do not be generic in that first contact that shows disinterest in the other. Do your homework, meet that person, talk about your company and something recent that you have done, or say that you liked something you wrote. In doing so, be honest and personal, invitations will be accepted for sure!

If you have any questions, please ask below!