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Top Notch Social Media Trends of 2015

Social-Media-Trends-2015Social media remains a key platform for businesses that want to enhance brand reputation and image. Audiences are discussing more about brands in social media sites. In the event that your business does not actively involve itself in social media marketing, it may not be able to gain control of its reputation. Social media discussions and comments can go viral within a very short time. Businesses need to know how to engage consumers in social media platforms and reinstate or promote their brand image and reputation. Here are some of the top-notch social media platform trends of 2015.

Giving motivation stories

Brands are embracing the power of telling stories that are motivational as one way of creating interaction with the users. It encourages users to listen to the advertisers as they talk about things related to their brand. However, since it is unlikely that you will not tell the entire story on the social media channel like Twitter or Facebook, what advertisers do is to pull in powerful quotes from the story that has been posted on the business's website.

Motivational stories create engagement and can result in audiences visiting your website to learn more about your brand and what it offers. The stores can be things like some sponsorship campaigns the business has been involved in, in the past or some charity work it has done and how it changed lives of children or less fortunate in the community.

Humanizing and personalizing a brand

Many brands do not know how to humanize and interact with audiences in a personal level. The social media platforms offer a perfect opportunity for brands to do that. Many people may be using social media sites like LinkedIn, Google plus, and Twitter for professional purposes. However, others use these for entertainment purposes meaning they want to interact with people and share their ideas, stories, and opinions.

When a company inserts wit, humor, and personality in its brand through social channels, it can increase the interaction with audiences. With this, it may result in increased tweets, shares, followers, and leads. When you use USA free classified sites and take care of the social media exposure of your brand, you are going an extra mile in both growing and branding your business.

Social shopping

Getting fans involved in discussions about a brand is the best way to create brand name awareness. Let then express their views and experiences about your products and services, and comment on those stories. In case there are negative comments, you should be out there responding to them and probably trying to protect and enhance the reputation of the brand. However, there is another thing that you can do. You can incorporate "Buy buttons" on your social media account. Audiences can buy right from the social medial site after the interaction and learning more about the brand through the discussions.

Social media can restore brand reputation. Mistakes do happen, and when they do, a company should not bury its head on sand and hope that everything will be okay. At least, some actions must be taken to protect the brand from further harm by the negative comments.

Simple things like giving apologies and asking the clients to get in touch with the PR office of your company can help. This can even result to the customer rescinding their comments and saying that they were handled properly following their complaint and it was something that was not intended to harm them. This can instill confident in other people who are thinking of associating with the brand.

Using free advertising online gives a business a competitive edge ahead of its competitors. Free classified ads can help increase sales and social media can help talk about the product you are selling, and if there are complaints or suggestions from the consumers, they can be discussed through social channels. Social media channels can also be a starting point to lure audiences to visit websites.

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