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Top 10 Social Media Tools for Business Writers

social-media-toolsAs a business writer, you need to be extremely well organized in order to deliver work efficiently. You need people to actually read your work, but for this you need to attract your own audience. It is not enough only to post your articles and stories online, but you should perform several marketing tasks that will attract readers to your materials. So let's check out the top 10 effective social media tools that you can take advantage of:

Tools for content discovery & creating new ideas

LinkedIn Pulse-this is an application that will help you personalize your entire feed drawing content from highly reputable online sources. This way, you will get instant access to content that is of high interest to you, and you can diversify your writing portfolio based on new ideas.

RiteTag-hashtags are not only popular, but also extremely important to your work as a writer. This app will help you discover all the hashtags that are relevant based on your interests. Check instantly the most popular topics/information in any corner of the world. Then, you can start offering your target audience what the really want to read about.

Wefollow get in connection with like-minded people. Connect with students, journalists and writers who share the same interests with you. Wefollow helps you discover your new circle of important connections.

Papersgear - an online writing services company focusing on delivering top quality yet affordable writing works. This is an extremely important resource for people who need to generate articles, research papers, or student assignments quite often but require professional help.

Reddit-the perfect resource for writers that need to come up with fresh and crispy ideas for their upcoming piece of writing. Reddit allows writers to follow closely trends in all topics, and it is a useful platform for those who need to create attractive social media posts or video content.

Organizing & Time Management

Pinterest-very useful platform for writers creating social media campaigns. The site can be used not only to promote content, but also to get fabulous pictures, interesting quotes and meaningful articles that can become the basis of upcoming work.

PRWeb-an online platform that can be used to promote your own services through catchy press releases. There are thousands of active journalists and subscribers following the platform every day, so you can easily expose your services to a very large audience.

Remember the Milk-a virtual to-do-list that synthetizes all important applications that you use on a daily basis: Gmail, Twitter, Evernote, Google Calendar and many other. The app allows you to organize tasks much easier and stay on time with deadlines.

Harvest-a time management tool that will send you reports on how efficiently you are using your time online. Harvest allows you to shift your focus on what really matters, and avoid spending too much time on unnecessary tasks.

Totally Tweetable– the perfect mix of online targeting and social advertising that will help you achieve greater popularity as a writer. The app helps you get a greater exposure of your tweets, and attract a larger audience to your work.

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