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Tips to Keep Your Social Media Updates Fresh

Social Media MessageIt sometimes becomes quite a task to keep the social media updates fresh but when you are in social media site then you have no other way around. If you are a small business owner then it will be an even harder job for you to maintain the freshness of your account. You have to put on your creative hat to bring out the best idea every time to keep your customers interest intact.

Here are some tips for you to keep your social media updates fresh.

  1. Getting feedback - If you want to keep on improving your business then customer feedback is very important and that will happen if you ask specific questions to our customer asking them to contribute to your development. This will engage your customers and will help to keep your updates fresh.
  2. Quotations – You can quote some famous personality. But while doing so you must remember that it must not be irrelevant to your business. Try to include some quotes which talks about your business category or is related somehow with your products. This will also lead to your customers providing feedback on your choice of quotations.
  3. Praise others too – Do you love someone who only talks about themselves? The answer will be NO so why do you think your customer will keep visiting your site if you only talk about how good you are! Make sure to praise others too, provide some links which leads to the other's site and you can also share their content on your account too.
  4. Relevant topics – If you are not able to find anything to provide fresh updates for your page then it is always better to reach out for the current headlines that is making the mark and is also relevant to your business.
  5. Update as per date – You will get some significance in some dates, you might find some awareness event or some holidays which will be relevant to your business in some way, make use of it to keep your updates fresh.
  6. Videos are impressive – YouTube videos are always a good thing to update. We all love to view videos rather than reading therefore update something which has something related to your business or product.
  7. Teaser is a great way - Teaser is a great way of encouraging your customers to read the whole content. Update the teaser and make available the link where the customer will get more information about your products and will provide you fresh updates as well.
  8. Keep it simple – If you want to attract customers by posting fresh updates then it is important that you post simple and short messages instead of lengthy posts. Customers don't have that much of time to read all through your post when they are visiting your site for other information. But if your message is simple and short then it will definitely attract their attention and they might also provide you with feedback which will trigger some more comments too.

These are simple tricks that you can use to keep the updates fresh on your page.

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