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The Power of Social Media: How it Can Help Your Business

power_of_social_mediaSocial media has taken over the world by storm. With the Gen Y obsessing over the many aspects that social media brings to us, and it has made its niche in the digital world. And businesses have been leveraging its popularity to their benefit.

Social media has built for itself, a remarkable reputation over the years, so much so that it has turned out to be a significant part of a holistic marketing strategy. This is because social media has a lot to offer for businesses.

Let us have a look at the powerful effectiveness of social media.

  1. Creates brand awareness

Social media, nowadays, is instrumental in enhancing the visibility of your brand by making your audience aware of the services and/or products that it specialises in. This makes your business more accessible for potential customers. It may so happen that one of the services that your business offers shows up on the newsfeed of a social media user who had been looking for something similar since quite some time now. So you have a winner. With social media, opportunities may pop up from the corners you least expected them to.

  1. Humanizes your brand

Think. Who would you do business with? Is this a brand name? Or, people you can interact with? Of course, you would choose the latter. This is what you can employ social media for. When you interact with your potential customers over social media, it builds up trust, making your brand a lot more humanized. And people trust interactions more than they do a brand logo. Also interactions enhance the credibility of your brand, emphasising the fact that it is authentic and your customers have nothing to worry about.

  1. Helps you connect with other businesses

Just like generating more customers, social media also lets you locate other business owners and entrepreneurs across the world that otherwise, might have been inaccessible. And if fate would have it, then you might strike up a conversation and go into partnerships that would help you expand your business globally.

  1. Boosts your search engine ranking

When you create compelling content for your brand, it immediately makes it more intriguing. As a part of marketing strategy, you get to share these on social media. Now these might come up in the newsfeeds of the followers of your page. If that catches their eyes, they would definitely share it. Also, some users might link to it as a valuable resource from their own domains. Search engines like Google and Bing take these very seriously when they decide the order of links that they rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore, sharing on social media will help you up the ante when it comes to ranking.

  1. Offers marketing at low cost and effort

It has been found that a mere 6 hours of effort per week on social media channels has been found to been highly beneficial for generating traffic by 84% of marketers. What more, with social media platforms handy, you can increase your brand awareness at little to no cost. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on allow you to market your brand at zero cost. Even the paid advertisements on Facebook cost very less. Therefore, with social media, you get to promote your brand with very less cost and effort.

  1. Allows you to receive immediate feedback

Just the way you can reach out to your potential customers over social media, your customers can reach out to you too. If you launch a new product and share it with your followers on social media, you can get instant feedback from the potential buyers. You can also gain valuable customer insight on hoe they use your brand's products or services. Customers also share the problems they have faced with your products. This way, you will get ideas on how to improve on your brand's products or services in the future.

As you can deduce by now, social media has a profound impact on every business. If you do everything right on the social media management front, leveraging its unending benefits will help your brand rise to glory in no time. Make sure you are utilising social media appropriately to increase traffic.

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