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Major Live Streaming Platforms Comparison Guide FB, YouTube, Periscope, and Instagram

Live streaming is trending in the current age of digitalization. The notifications keep on buzzing, informing about the brands going live. With each passing day, the enormous growth in usage of live streaming social networks has been observed. There is no doubt, live streaming is the biggest name and here to stay while giving endless opportunities for a brand to leverage, and make its presence in the competitive marketing dynamics. A battle has been on between live streaming social networks, ever since the emergence of live streaming. Following the footsteps of Periscope, Facebook and Instagram initiated facebook live video streaming services and live broadcast on Instagram to offer brands and organizations a platform to scale up their marketing game and walk along with the recent trend of live webcasting.

Live Streaming on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Live streaming has helped various brands to make their presence felt and engage wider audiences from around the world. It helps in generating brand awareness and boosting sales leads. Live streaming has been an effective medium to attract potential customers and to launch a new product while reaching millions, at a single click. It is an effective tool that boosts the audience interaction and engagement through contests, live chats, Q & A sessions and so on. Live streaming adds authenticity to the videos, which are loved by the audience to a greater extent, more than the camera roll shots. Every live streaming social network is unique in its way, which is the best platform entirely depends on the needs and demands of your brand. You must be well aware of your target audience before streaming live to get maximum advantage from live streaming on multiple social media platforms.

Let’s have a closer look at some trending live streaming social networks that are helping brands to stream their content live.

1. Facebook Live

Ah, everyone is aware of this name regardless of age, gender or profession. Facebook is a name that is known in every household. Its presence can be felt just by taking its name. Whether we talk about uploading pictures or streaming live videos, Facebook is the first social media platform that clicks in one’s mind. It is the most popular social media platform that has millions of active users around the globe. Many social networks came into existence after Facebook, but its charm is still not diminished. Its easy to use features and upgraded technology makes it the first choice of many users even today. As live streaming came into existence it offers live webcast on facebook which helps hundreds of brands to stream live and reach their target audience with ease.

Facebook live streaming solutions allow brands to interact with their audiences through Q&A sessions or live chats. Facebook live video streaming services allow brands to stream live and allow audiences to interact with each other and to brand directly. It allows brands to pin up the most lovable comments at the top while disabling the unappropriate comment. A relationship between a brand and customer can be maintained through live streaming which later results in brand loyalty. Seeking direct answers from the brand, help customers to build trust and connect emotionally with the brand. Brands that broadcast live video on facebook, reaches millions of user without any geographical boundaries. Facebook has made it easy to broadcast live events and generate awareness while scaling up the marketing game. Facebook live stream stays for 24 hours once the stream ends. To save live stream which can be shared on other social networks to find the audience from where they are, seek the help of facebook live webcasting company that allows you to share your live streams on other platforms as well.

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2. Youtube Live

To watch the video content online, youtube was the first name that is scrolled upon. Youtube is a famous platform to watch videos for a very long time. It has millions of active users worldwide that open it every day in search of viewing videos. With the changing trends in the digital market, youtube has paced up its game and started offering youtube video streaming solutions, that are helping various brands in their marketing strategy. Many brands are well established on youtube, having their channels that have hundreds and thousands of subscribers.

Youtube offers live streaming services to the channels that have 100 or more than 100 subscribers. The duration of youtube live stream events is slightly longer than the other social media networks. Youtube is working on its algorithms for more advanced settings. If you opt youtube to live stream your event, setting profile to the public will help in expanding the reach of the brand and attracting more audiences. Enabling the comment section will allow the brand to interact with its audience while building a sense of trust. Youtube live streaming services have much to offer that can make your brand hike.

3. Periscope Live

Periscope was the first app that initiated live broadcast on periscope in 2014. Ever since the evolution of live streaming services, it has made its place in the market and attracted various influential brands to stream live. It holds the audience’s attention quite quickly by giving them valuable insights. The audience tends to enjoy the live streams as they are engaging, fun and entertaining to watch.

Live streaming on periscope became popular in no time that other social media platforms walked behind it following the same league. Periscope streams can be shared on twitter to attract more audience. Influential brands that know their target audience opt for periscope as it has their audience base. Once the live broadcast on Periscope ends, the replay of a periscope live stream event gets saved in the profile along with all the viewer’s comments and hearts.

4. Instagram Live

Instagram, is the most popular live-streaming social network trending nowadays. Gen-next is easily found on Instagram. It has millions of active users around the globe which helped Instagram to gain immense popularity. It offers the brand to live broadcast on Instagram and reach a wider audience base. Brands that target gen z opt to live webcast on Instagram, to reach its potential customers. Live stream on Instagram live lasts for 24 hrs after the video ends and is displayed on the top of the feed with a red highlight. Live broadcast on Instagram, allows brands to connect with their audiences emotionally. Brands can opt to engage audiences with various Q&A sessions or contests. Once a brand that you follow, stream live, a push notification will be sent to you to join the live stream.

Whether you want to launch or demonstrate a product, engage audiences, expand reach, promote products and services or increase sales lead of any brand, live streaming solutions are to be looked upon. An Instagram live streaming guide has helped various brands, whether influential that have a significant presence in the market or just new in the market. Selecting the right live streaming platform that suits the brand’s requirement can make you notch higher in than the competition and deliver your marketing message effectively.

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