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Importance of Social Media and Tips for Making Effective Post


Effectiveness of Social Media in the era of modernization

Social Media is a way of interacting with the world, an online platform to know the world. It encourages people to share their thoughts, experience or information. Social media is trending among the youth and is a significant part of their schedule. Accessible through your laptop, mobile phone or tablets, the internet has escorted the world to our feet and Social Media’s successful outcome has made it possible.

Some of the illustrations of social media are:

  • Facebook –A social chatting site that helps you connect with your friends and family.
  • Twitter –A micro-blogging website used to describe one’s own thoughts and allows people to follow each other and know discuss the trending topics going around in the world.

As per the statistics, YouTube has over 100 million worldwide views per day, Facebook has over 350 million users and Twitter processed 10 billion tweets last year. Statistics not only show the popularity of Social Media among the people but it displays the power of social media and how it can be used as a tool of marketing, place to create awareness about a concerned topic or to know about the opinion of people through some poll or something. Whatever it is from elections to FIFA or war to some romantic series, Social media has got it all right at one place, in your hand at the comfort of your home.

Importance of Social Media in present Era


It has been emerging as a crucial platform to increase your Brand Recognition. Now it is easier and more accessible for new customers to know about the brand and its products. Brands who engage on the internet have been able to retain more customers hence increasing the brand loyalty. Online Videos and blogs attract many people, for example, a blog about a particular watch, by the time it ends the person who is reading it may have already made his or her mind to buy the watch. Global companies like Amazon, Apple, and Samsung uses the social media for marketing and release all creative videos and articles about their offers or products to create a buzz about the upcoming thing.

As for the Market, upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) or shares offered by the company can start posting it about on social media to let people know about it and have a proper amount of customers from the social media alone only. People looking for jobs can even go through social networking sites and know about any vacancies available as the company now days are going through online recruitment making it possible for all talented job seekers to come and work for them. Social networking helps an individual to rise in this never- stopping universe and let him or her now about own abilities and develop interests in creative things which might help one in the future. As for elder people they can order food n all the daily need things in order to avoid trouble by going out and getting the groceries by themselves.

Grabbing the Opportunity of Social Media Post

In order to be an effective user whose post is seriously taken by the people and have an effect on the public, one needs to be perfect for their social networking website posts. Seize the opportunity with a perfect visual of the topic, it helps one understand better about the topic and goes parallel to the posts. But a post requires a headline and a headline attracts and tells about the strength and integrity of the topic. Hashtags are crucial nowadays as it is a key element in the post and helps posts to get viral just by a single but with a correct hashtag. Posting it, again and again, helps the topic to be reached to a larger number of people and the number seems to grow ever from there. But the most important time for posts is the timing; accurate timing helps the posts to remain in the ears of people for a long time.

How Posting help you in Social Media?

People can create posts with some animated cartoons in order to make it creative and simply giving the idea about the post or some slides or music for those people who look for something different in order to go through it. People always look for errors so always make sure your grammar and spelling are correct and ask people to expect the following after the article to create some interest among them. One can also use some facts and add the source so that people might know that the article is a truth and in the end can ask questions and always ask you so that reader will mention himself in the state of the article and will go through it better. In the end remember, be personal with the post it helps you to express yourself better and clear about the topic.

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