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How To Turn Your Business Productivity Through Latest Social Media Sites

ferfewtfrtSocial Networking sites are the best resource for both small and large business to promote product or services or to reach millions of people. It is considered as a major source to increase the traffic. Everyone uses social networking sites nowadays to connect with friends, family. Whenever something happens in the world, firstly news spread on social media sites users take part in a discussion on those sites and discuss their views. You can get results from different clients on daily basis, and this result helps in to improve brand and services.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the rich sources to increase traffic on any of website or web page. With 1.44 million monthly active users and 900 million daily active users we can say that Facebook is the biggest social network to build brand value. You can spread information to millions of people in just one click. Through Facebook, you can get a huge amount of audience to see your content. If you don’t optimize Facebook still then it is the time to start. Most basic way to promote your business is to make a page and share it with the audience that you already built. Make your campaign for promotion and share your Facebook page information on different blogs.

Google Plus: You can easily attract more audience through G+, many people think google plus are dead but that’s not true you can get traffic easily through these sites. It is the best source to post content, share media or chat with one another. There are so many communities available on Google+ that was best for sharing your own content. You can make knowledge panel that will be very helpful for marketing your brand and services. You just need to:

  • Log into your google account
  • Create Collection
  • Join Communities and start sharing and promoting your brand or services

Instagram: After Facebook, Instagram is another popular source to increase traffic on the website. It is not easy to share your blog on Instagram like you do it another social platform so it is better to share the relevant images of your blog with a link, photo description. Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to organize photos, so use some relevant hashtags that fit your brand image. Increase your followers by providing some useful data; you can share one-minute video clip also. With badges, you can drive more traffic to your online profile learn to add Instagram badges with some tutorial. By promoting you brand or services you can easily earn money through business tools that provided by Instagram.

Twitter:A tweet is pretty short in and of itself. Generating compelling content in 140 characters or less can present a good little writing challenge. Generate some creative tweet to your blog post or website and try to make really short tweets that provide brief intro about your website or blog/article. Don’t use the same title of your blogs or article. Make some interesting titles related to your content. Tweet about some interesting statistical information that your article or blog contains. Hashtags are another great way to improve to spread your tweets about various topics. And one of the interesting facts is that hashtags were firstly introduced by the tweeter.

Pinterest: Pinterest is all about visuals. It is beneficial for you to provide great images. Create a board on Pinterest about your blog/article or website; you can easily increase your followers through these boards. You can also share infographic images with some useful description or links. Some of the useful tips to engage traffic on Pinterest.

  • Pin good, relevant content
  • Return the favor and follow your followers
  • Daily check out your follower’s boards or pins to get some new ideas
  • Like or comment on your followers pin if they are great

Benefits of using Social Media for promotion:

  1. It is very easy to increase user engagement.
  2. You can increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  3. Easily Generate Higher converting leads.
  4. Easily Increase website ranking.
  5. Easy to find out your competitors.

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