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How to tag items within YouTube video clips?

Remember those card-reading videos where Youtube card readers share the timeline in the description box? Instead of watching the entire video till the end, you can simply start the video from a certain period to watch your desired reading.

Pandemic and Ecommerce

Due to the Pandemic, more people are turning to online shopping, and this trend has accelerated the growth of e-commerce websites and online shopping. According to research, this growth has much to do with the coronavirus because most people are confined to their homes for fear of contracting the viral infection.

Exacerbated Online Shopping

The trend for online shopping is exacerbating with every passing day, and it became 100 times higher than it ever was before. Fortunately, Youtube has released an update that will allow the users to tag items within Youtube videos do Youtube users can buy items directly through the portal.

Youtube Broadens Ecommerce Options

Considering these ongoing circumstances, Youtube has decided to try out a test phase to allow the users to use the product tags in their video clips. The products that a Youtube chooses to review can be tagged right within the clip along with clickable links. And this link will take the viewers directly to the page where the product is located for instant shopping. Now everyone will be able to tag items within Youtube videos for providing a better shopping experience to their views and consumers.

Product Review and Tag items within Youtube Video

Even if the video is not about a product review, the product tags can still be added for the viewers. They might want to shop for a particular product shown in the video. Instead of taking help from Google finding the product, they would be able to click on it and buy it without wasting any precious amount of time.

Helpful for Online Retailers

I must say that this new feature is just beyond superb because it will help marketers, online retailers, and businesses in promoting their items to the right audience. Not to mention, this new feature is logical and rational as well for allowing the marketers to drive massive organic traffic to their product page and website without relying on search engines anymore.

Business Growth

Providing a direct shopping link on a product video would also help achieve more sales and boost the growth of the brand itself. As of now, Youtube has created this test of product tests with only a few Youtubers, but it won’t be too long that this feature will be made accessible to every other Youtube and Influencer.

Satisfied Users

For the most part, people support Youtube for adding this new feature, and they are quite happy with this advanced step towards improving the users’ shipping experience on the web or app.

Shopping Features for Diversity

Like Instagram, Youtube is adding more shopping features for the companies and individual users on the portal to promote their items, services, and products more efficiently. This would ultimately facilitate expanding e-Commerce business opportunities in the world because more people own an online store that they can promote on Youtube. And at the same time, they can generate more sales by allowing the users to click on the products directly from the video instead of spending any time finding the same ones using Google and other search engines.

Online Shopping Trend and Premonition

Online shopping is expected to continue in the coming years because people love online shopping. Though the current condition has accelerated the eCommerce growth up to 90%, it would continue to rise as per expert analysts’ findings.

A few analysts have also speculated that more consumers will shop online if Youtube launches the “product and item” feature for the videos. And yes, we can agree with this premonition considering how Instagram is turning into one of the best eCommerce social networks where influencers and companies are creating brand awareness. Moreover, they are really successful in generating tons of money without spending much money on third-party marketing campaigns.

How to tag items within Youtube Videos?

Here is a simple guide on how to tag items in your Youtube videos featuring any products that users can buy.

  1. Go to your Youtube account.
  2. Upload a video
  3. Select the timeline and add a clickable tag.
  4. Youtube will ask you to put the URL of the product page.
  5. Insert the link and click apply.
  6. You have to tag different items within videos just the same way.

By giving them links to the product page or service, you can drive more visitors to your eCommerce website. Additionally, this new feature will help you move tons of organic traffic of real-time buyers to the relevant page. However, you need to use this feature in an ethical way to avoid any spammy.

Youtube will also be able to tag and track products within the videos you posted using a new interface and algorithm. Furthermore, it will offer an option for you to add a shopping button over the video for the users to shop directly through the video after watching it.

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