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How to Prevent Facebook Spam

From unwanted messages, junk emails, fake advertisements to bogus comments, spam is a common problem in the world of internet. Just like many other social media platforms and networks, Facebook also has issues with harassment and bullying that every Facebook user wants to get rid of. Not all the ads displayed in your news feed are spam, but some of them are organic and not paid but could be Facebook’s guesses on what are the things you might be interested to explore while using the world’s number one social media platform.

However, if you are continuously getting ads, bogus comments and messages on Facebook, below is the list of proven tips to prevent Facebook spam in order to enjoy improved social media experience.

Be more cautious

It is the era of technology where more and more apps are using AI to provide their users enhanced user experience and Facebook also doing the same. The more it will know about you or your behavior, the more ads will be there in your news feed. Every like or dislike on Facebook’s posts is making the job of advertiser’s easier by letting them know what type of stuff you like and what you don’t want to see anymore. That’s why you should be more cautious on Facebook and don’t let it know that what are the things you are interested in or like the most.

Opt out of ads

Facebook is competent enough to customize its ads based on your activity on other sites. In this way, it can show you more ads that may take you some harmful links outside the Facebook to lead you towards spam in terms of fake downloads, sites full of virus and so on. Just click on the settings tab, then adverts and scroll the page down to the second to last paragraph, and you will find an opt out text link that will take you to the opt out page. It will not stop ads but in fact will stop sites that you have visited other than Facebook tracking you back on Facebook.

Avoid liking so much stuff

Using the like button can be one of the major reasons behind Facebook Spam. It is very easy to spend quality time by liking so many things on Facebook while staring on the mobile screen but the results can be worst. But you may not have an idea that these likes can have a direct impact on what you will see on Facebook after doing so. So, only like the things you are interested in and leave the stuff you don’t like.

FB privacy

It is the best thing to prevent Facebook spam and identity theft as well. It enables you to restrict others from watching things and information shared by you. Once all your posts are private or only visible to your friends and family members, chances of getting bogus comments and messages would definitely be reduced. Making essential changes to your Facebook privacy settings is one of the proven ways to prevent Facebook spam.

Filter your messages

If you are suffering from unwanted messages on Facebook messenger while exploring the news feed, you can use amazing feature of message filter to stop messages that are not from any of your friend. In the updated version of Facebook, all messages sent from unknown contacts are stored in ‘message requests’ folder that you can accept or reject as per your consent even without using a spam filtering solution. If you really don’t want to see any stuff from that user, you can also block the message sender to make social media experience hassle free.

Other kinds of spam

Mass invitation is another kind of spam on Facebook. It happens when you install an app then connect it with your Facebook account. After that the app contacts everybody in your friend list and asks them to do the same as done by you. In this way, the message sent by that app can be harmful for some of your friends. So always keep an eye on app and ignore them at all if they ask for a permission to send automatic invitations or a status update on behalf of you.

Block individual users’ apps and invites

Most of your friends install apps and also invites you to do so that can make your Facebook experience worst. If it is happening to you and you want to get rid of, then simply go to settings then find the option blocking and block app invites. In this way, you will successfully be able to stop that specific Facebook user from sending invitations that are annoying for you.

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