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How to Increase Your Social Media Fans on a Limited Budget

Needless to say that maintaining a strong social media presence is a crucial part of your marketing plan. With more than 2.5 billion regular social media users, how can you reach your target audience more effectively than your competitors? While posting high quality is a must-thing, you also need to engage with your audience 24*7 in order to increase your social media fans. However, getting engaged with your prospects is a challenge especially if you are on a tight budget. So, as a marketer or a brand owner, you must learn some smart ways to increase your social media fans’ followings with zero to least budget.

Why Social Media is Essential for Your Brand’s Success?

Around 97% of social media marketers are using social media platforms to promote their business. So, no matter if you are running a small, medium-sized, or large brand, you just need to take advantage of social platforms to survive your business. A lot of small and large online shopping brands and organizations actively use social media to connect with target customers, spread their brand’s message, increase their conversions, and drive revenues. So marketers must rely on social media more than just using emojis and hashtags to make the most out of the channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.

Proven Ways to Increase your Social Media Fans Followings

Using social media to market your business is all about being strategic and creative. So, what are those smart strategies that can help you to increase your fans and boost your sales? Let’s take a quick look at the tips from the pro marketers and enhance your social media performance dramatically.

1. Unleash the power of Visuals

Visual content goes hand-in-hand with social media. In fact, using high-quality images can benefit your business astonishingly. A study has shown that using the images in your social media content can increase your interaction rate with your audience by 85% on Facebook and 35% on tweets. No matter how great quality images you are using to boost your social media fans followings, relevancy is the key to success. There are several creative ways to use the images on your social media accounts that mainly include:

  • A “behind the scene” picture of your products
  • Sharing a picture of your industry event
  • Highlighting your team
  • By asking your followers to give the best caption for a certain image and offer a prize to the winner
  • Asking the fans to share your content with their friends and family members etc.

2. Use Polls and Surveys

People want to be heard and like it when someone cares about their opinion. Creating polls is an ideal way to engage with your target audience by opening a conversation channel for them. Not only do polls and surveys help to provide you with valuable information about your audience but also give you the chance to give them feedback. Also, you can double your followers if you offer them incentives such as free discounts for completing your survey.

3. Attract Your Fans with Exclusive Deals and Offers

One of the best ways to increase your fans is getting engaged with them by offering amazing deals and discounts. Discounts and vouchers are very popular on social media pages these days. Maybe the biggest reason people visit a social media page is to get some good deals on their desired products. Thus, by giving the free discount codes to the products you want to sell, you can incredibly increase your fans beyond your imagination.

4. Establish a Unique Voice ad Tone

Every time you talk with your audience on social media, through any means such as posts, designs, launches, or more, you are practising your brand’s voice. Meaning you are building an impression of your brand through your content. So, the rule of thumb to engage your audience with your posts is to write from the perspective of customers. Your message should be so clear and transparent that makes your readers easily understand that they need your products or services.

5. Ask from Your Followers

Asking questions from your fans and target audience is also one of the great ways to make them engaged with you on social media. To do so, you can ask them about their likes and dislikes, what they want from your brand, or simply a general question such as what are their plans for the holiday. The purpose behind asking the question from your audience is just to keep them engaged and remember you.

6. Observe Your Competitors

You must need to know your competitors, and observe their social media marketing strategies. You can see what and how they are doing, and think about what you can do to offer something more improved than your competitors. Further, find out the networks they are using, how often are posting on social media, how much engagement they are getting with their strategies, what they are good at, and whatnot. Doing so will help you to identify the gaps in your social media marketing strategy and you will come up with more ideas that will let your audience choose you.

7. Never Sound Robotic

Keep in mind that while advertising your brand on social media, you are talking with humans, not robots. So, you just need to maintain a human tone and talk in a way to not make bore your audience. If you think you are running a business on a boring and dull niche, maintaining an interesting tone is critical. Else your audience wouldn’t be there to hear from you.

Final thoughts

Social media is an incredible place for the ecommerce business holders to gain a strong grip in a location where their customers are. Don’t misuse social media by posting too much content about your brand. Remember, social media is all about other people, so don’t react in a way to think of your brand only.

Now that you have learned the smart ways to increase your social media fans, use the above tips strategically and you will surely start noticing an increase in your followings.

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