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Good and Bad Practices to Know Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign is an online marketing effort or a strategy which is primarily targeted towards the achievement of various business goals. These campaigns are often carried out by the best social media agency; these agencies use one or more social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. to promote the business.

It is quite true that in today’s times businesses should take social media seriously, as today, with everyone being hooked up on the phones; the image of the brand can be seriously affected by it. We don’t need to tell you that 4 billion people are living on the internet and that is a reason enough in itself to invest heavily in social media. Thus, before running a social media campaign, a business must take into account the following DOs and DON’Ts.

The Good Practices

  1. Plan First

It is equally important that before applying any social media marketing tactics; that you must first have a roadmap of an action plan with which you wish to present your brand image on social media as it will be helping you, in the long run, to achieve what you wish to achieve for your brand name.

  1.  Create a Community

If you want to create the right buzz around your brand and what services and products you provide then one of the best options for you would be to create a whole community which revolves around the activities of your business. This requires a lot of labour and resources to be put in. A community manager, from a social media marketing agency, can also be hired to help in creating a community around and for your brand.

  1. Be Clear

Your social media handles and pages whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn must reflect the whole purpose of your business. It must clearly depict that what it is really all about. Also, when it comes to running a campaign, be clear with your campaign’s intent and thought process. It should be transparent and must have a clear, well-defined goal.

  1. Check the Metrics Regularly

For each and every post on the social media, there are different metrics available which will be telling you about the reach, engagement and other details of the post. And before you start a campaign, you must look at all these details and know what your audience likes and accordingly deliver the best final product to them.

The Bad Practices

  1. Don’t Be Fake

It has been seen that some brands run their own blogs which they claim are unbiased. But, in reality, all they do is promote their own product and brand without offering the right solution to their audiences, which doesn’t go well with the readers who easily see into it – you cannot fool your consumer. This practice shouldn’t be followed as it can seriously deteriorate your brand’s image and in the longer run, it would lead in the downfall of your brand.

  1. Excessive Marketing Texts

While traditional marketing techniques such as SMS marketing and email marketing are still effective, using those same messages for social media marketing, and folding the social media inboxes of users with the same texts can be a harmful practice in the long run. Thus, you can take the help of a social media agency to ease your burden. Not just it would be saving your time but also it would be helping you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

  1. Inefficient Coordination between Different Aspects of the same Business

A business is a collaborative effort of different arms which work in unison to maximize profits. Just like that, your company’s social media accounts and handles on all platforms should work collaboratively. Your company’s online blog must also be a part of it. And with this right concoction, you will be able to make your brand quite successful.

  1. Don’t Focus on Short-Term Sales

While having quick profits is always lucrative, a business’ main focus shouldn’t be that. Holding campaigns just for short-term benefits is never known to work well for any business. Even if you have to spend some resources without getting much in return, you must inculcate that and build long-term relationships with your customer so that you have a loyal customer base rather than a shifting one.


In this jungle of social media, things are pretty dynamic. Campaign techniques keep on changing every day, and it requires you to be innovative with it. But what never changes is its core values, which always requires you to focus on the same objectives. To have a successful business, you must also focus on that. While you can try and manage your social media by yourself, hiring a reliable and a professional social media marketing agency isn’t a bad option.

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