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Follow These Steps and You Will Become a Successful YouTuber in No Time

Social media platforms have paved the way for many opportunities. Gone are the days when social media platforms were only limited to ‘poke’and ‘DM’because now these platforms have enabled many to make their careers on it.

Speaking of which, running a channel on YouTube has become a thing now and to our surprise, it is kind of similar to running an entrepreneurial venture. Not just individuals, but even brands are benefitting from this. Well, why wouldn’t they?YouTube has 2 billionusers spread across the world and it beats even Facebook. So, this is self-explanatory of the fact that YouTube gives brands a pretty good opportunity of expanding their ‘reach.’

Jumping on the ‘YouTube’ Bandwagon

The trend of ‘YouTubing’ has grown exponentially. People are quitting their conventional 9 to 5 jobs just to start their careers from YouTube. Safiya Nygaard, who is an ex-BuzzFeed employee, quit her job andstarted her own YouTube channel in January 2017. Although Safiya had already made appearances in BuzzFeed’s YouTube videos, the fact that her career skyrocketed from her own channel is what grabs our attention.

Some other YouTubers juggle their fulltime 9 to 5 job with their YouTube career. Among those, Cristine Rotenberg AKA Simply Nailogical stands atop. Even thoughCristine has a successful YouTube career with 7 million subscribers,she still prefers working full time for the Canadian government agency. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?

Anyways, getting back to our initial discussion that YouTube can help you kick start your career. Remember when we mentioned that it has a whopping 2 billion users, a while ago? Imagine, if even half of these users would watch your videos, you would be stashing up those dollars in no time. But, what’s the ‘the real tea’ in all of this? Well, the competition is high and the pressure is tough. If you’re planning to start your YouTube career then the first thing you would need is a high-speed internet connection, then creativity and finally, a whole lot of patience to deal with all the fame –not kidding!Not to mention, with YouTube, you can easily earn a 5 to 6 figure salary on an annual basis. Dream job alert!

How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

1. Begin By Planning Your Content

YouTube is swarming with fresh content that bloggers post EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s not like Facebook or Twitter, where you can post short ‘rants’ or outbursts of ideas or whatever. The content that goes live on this platform is carefully planned and well-curated. Since YouTube is all about the number of views, you must remember one thing, the more creative and innovative your content is, the more number of views it will get — it’s pretty straightforward.

Try and come up with catchy titles for your videos. DO NOT OPT FOR THE CLICKBAIT APPROACH! Click baiting in YouTube is akin to shooing awayyour subscribers from your channels and we don’t endorse that.

2. Learn the Skill of Video Editing

Since YouTube is all about videos, therefore your video editing skills must be on-point. You can take online video editing courses or you can get a friend on-board who is familiar with video-editing software along with all the advance aesthetics of editing. You can go with Final Cut Pro, a video editing software by Apple that makes video editing literally a breeze. You can even learn the basics using Adobe Premier and then switch to FCP or you can continue using it, everything’s up to you.

3. Use the Right Equipment

YouTube has gone way beyond that ‘144p’ point, which was probably the resolution ofthe first ever videothat was posted over there. Now, if it ain’t ‘1080p,’ it’s not YouTube-worthy,period! Therefore, to make videos for YouTube, invest in a DSLR or a mirror-less camera and get all the other pieces of equipment that are a necessity for videography.

4. Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Videos

Now, you have a fully created video in your hand, how are you going to let others know about it? By optimizing it, simple! When you optimize your YouTube video, you increase its chances of being viewed more.

How do you optimize a video? You give it a well thought out and descriptive title. If your video is about making pizza at home, then go with a title like ‘How to Make Pizza at Home’ or ‘Using Cheap Ingredients to Make Pizza at Home.’ Try to incorporate basic keywords in the titles because this will help your video get better ranking in Google’s search engine results.

5. Ignore the Negativities

Okay, this is an important one. Since you’ll be sharing your views and opinions publically, you will be granting others the ‘permission’ to have an opinion about you too. Now, that opinion can either be a constructive one or a very degrading one, so you’re strongly advised to ignore. Negative comments on YouTube are inevitable and you can’t control what others think about you. Even if you do feel as if the number of ‘hate’ comments are increasing day by day, then whatever you do, DO NOT ADDRESS THEM. Go on a vacation and distract yourself. Just remember, addressing even asinglehate comment on your YouTube channel, will open a portal to hell, with no point of return. And believe us, that place is a no-go.

6. Post New Content, Regularly

And lastly, be consistent with the videos you upload. Many YouTubers have strategized their content-publishing in such a way, that they have a designated day for video posting. For example, Simply Nailogical posts new content every Saturday. This strategy is best for creating anticipation among your subscribers and they will know when they can expect another video from you.

The Final Word

YouTube has revolutionized the consumption of video content. The fact that YouTubers are more influential than the famous Hollywood celebrities only confirms the potential this video-sharing platform has. That time doesn’t seem far when YouTube would have the same importance and hype as TV had once. Brands would eagerly grab the opportunity of investing in advertising on YouTube rather than TV. Wonder, what more can we expect from YouTube?


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