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Don't End Up Being Trapped In The Social Media Dilemma: Avoid These Blunders

In the current digital age, having an online presence is not just an option but a necessity. But what most people forget to understand is if not used responsibly social media can prove to be a nemesis. The fact of the matter is that the role of social media is not just for sharing updates, but it is also a marketing tool where brands can connect with their consumers. Often it has been seen that unknowingly many people tend to make certain social media blunder which can affect their online reputation. Moreover, if you are connected to a business as well as the brand, their reputation can also get affected.

Social Media

Although social media has become the core of this digital era, most of the people are still aloof on the bloopers they can make. Let's take a look at these blunders in order to get an overview:

Confused Social Networking: Most people think that merely having a social media presence is adequate enough. While other try to be on all social media network without focusing on where is the targeted audience. The first priority before embarking on social media is to find your targeted audience and interact them accordingly. Just having a presence won't do any good to any online brand.

Slipshod Posting: While it is generally said to engage with the audience of a regular basis, it is not always the best practice to spam their accounts with irrelevant posts. Studies have shown that users tend to unlike/unfollow social accounts that pile spam in their feeds.

Copied posts: This is an era of information sharing and users demand engaging as well as unique content. Social profiles that post copied or irrelevant content always fail to impress social media users. Brands need to understand that if you serve something omnipresent, then you fail to stand out from the competition.

Unformed Interactions: This is somehow one of the biggest blunders when it comes to user interaction. It is a common practice where brands fail to address users when they complain or provide feedback under your status update.

Rampant Hashtags: In today's world hashtags have become synonym with social media. Although there is no restriction in using hashtags, their widespread use with any planning can diminish the whole purpose of the post. Using it too often and too much is the biggest blunder.

Improper use of tools: The fact of the matter is that most of the brands now rely on social media to gain traction. This is where social media tools come into existence as they offer valuable insight to how your brand is perceived online and its interaction score. But most of the businesses fail to address the analysis part of these tools and only use them for sharing.

Commercial campaigning: Most business underestimate the reach of a single post. Commercial campaigning if done properly can prove to be highly beneficial. But many brands overdo it, which can gradually kill the user interest in the brand. The fact of the matter is that no one likes advertising without any relevance.

Poor responding structure: You don't go knock at somebodies door when they are sleeping. The same can be said for social media replies, which have to be properly timed. If you do not reply to a comment when the user expects or reply at the least expected time, you tend to lose an opportunity to humanize your brand.

Paid likes and fans: The Holy Grail for every online social media profile is huge following or likes. This is why most businesses tend to buy paid like and followers to ascertain their dominance. But in the end these fake likes do not convert to purchases. Moreover, most platforms have been clamping down on fake profiles and if caught, the brand can surely take a hit on their reputation.

Most brands have made one or the other type of social media blunder at some point of time. This is why it is vital to get accustomed to these blunders before incorporating a social media strategy. A good way forward would be to focus on various social media tips that can attract users and boost returns.

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