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Amazing Ways Your Facebook Page Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Popular social media site, Facebook is no longer a platform for sharing your mere personal moments any longer. Its dimension and scope has increased considerably over the past few years, bringing many online start-ups and already-established business organisations under its coverage. Social media has become a prominent tool for promoting businesses and brands online owing to its huge user network.

Any social media optimization company would know how Facebook has revolutionised the domain of online marketing. Such a company may not have years of experience in the sector but it surely acknowledges the slew of benefits marketers can get from a Facebook profile. Social media optimization services aim at bringing the desired results to online ventures in a way quite different from what was prevalent before the emergence of sites like Facebook. Greater visibility, better content and information and greater web presence materialise in an amazing way by simply creating a Facebook page.

Here are seven incredible ways in which your Facebook page can do wonders for your business. Read on to know how.

  1. Collecting Reviews and Testimonials

Facebook page acts as an intermediating entity between your business and your customers. Setting up a Facebook page can help you collect testimonials and reviews from your customers. Although they can be persuaded to give a review on your business, you can still put a sign at your site that lets customers know that reviewing your brand or business is possible through your Facebook page.

In addition to this, you can even add the best review to your website that contributes towards popularising it.

Collect Testimonials and Reviews

  1. Engaging the audience

Your audience is your valuable asset that should be carefully used. Engaging you audience can be challenging but a Facebook page can help you overcome this. Your audience is highly heterogeneous in nature that has different preferences and likings. They may be fans of your content, your brand or your business at large. They may be already associated to your brand or are a potential connection.

Knowing you audience would help you create posts that they would like. The traditional 80/20 audience engagement rule holds that 80% of your content should target your audience while the remaining 20% is for your business which includes marketing, sales and self-promotion.

You can engage your audience by encouraging their participation and sharing content that is highly relevant to your industry or niche.

Engage With Your Audience

  1. Make best use of News Feed Ad Placement

Facebook allows its users to place advertisements in the right column within the News Feed. Linking your Facebook page to the ad is essential for better display. Without a Facebook page, the scope somehow becomes constrained to the right column of the News Feed.

  1. Audience Feedback

Audience feedback is the way to know what your existing or potential customers expect and want from your business. Facebook page can be quite helpful in getting the most-needed customer feedback. For this, you can poll your audience with standard posts to your Facebook page, either for free or by using the polling applications.

  1. Blog Comments

Blog comments are a good way of knowing your audience better. However, too many comments on your blog can cause spamming. A Facebook page can be a good alternative for your blog comments. All you need to do is add a link to discuss the post on Facebook at the end of each post. The link should indicate a post on your Facebook page wall about that post. This can help you build a strong fan base and encourage profitable engagement on your page.

  1. Share as a business, not as an individual

There are innumerable websites that have started incorporating a Facebook comments section in their layout. Facebook has become a standard commenting platform in the present times when potential users are using it for voluminous purposes. However, if you wish to make a comment, make sure you use your business profile instead of the personal one. Using your Facebook page for commenting brings it to people's notice, especially of the likers of your comment.

  1. Tackling negative search results on Google

Many individuals and corporations face the problem of negative links on Google's search results that prove catastrophic for their business. The race to reach the top ranks in Google's search results is what makes your Facebook page essential. Posting positive content on your Facebook page can get you ranked high and at the same time push down negative links in Google's search page.

Combat Negative Results on Search Engines

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