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7 Brilliant things to do while Streaming

Building a live community and keeping the users entertained is a task in itself. And when people are actively watching your stream, you need to work hard and maintain the attention they are giving you and your work.

Following a script, while streaming can lead to super generic comments that most people may or may not relate to, which can turn monotonous at some point and look like typical sponsored content.

To break the monotony, you have to bring out the content creator in you and bring stuff that is relatable for most of your audience. All this will not only help you maintain the audience you already have, but it will also grow your viewership and bring in more people, increasing your reach.

We have just the right tips and tricks that you can do while streaming, which will keep your energy levels high, and your audience entertained as they participate in your videos.

1. Bring out relatable content

There is no point in talking about things that you can not communicate well with your users. It’s essential to talk about things that your users can relate to. It can be whatever is going on around the region, and if you are an Asian living abroad with most of your fan base in your home country, pick topics that are suitable to their surroundings to build a stronger connection.

2. Do an interactive session

Talking to your followers and viewers may be a great way to get closer to them and build a strong and faithful community. This helps them connect to you on a personal level and remove the image that you are too good for them. A non-entitled personality will promote a healthy environment on your stream.

3. Arrange a Watch Party

It is okay not to show your face on every stream and have a different approach and arrangement for it, one of which is having an online watch party with your followers. Considering Netflix is a universal streaming service, you can use Netflix Party to watch a movie with your friends and chat as it streams. If some users find difficulty in accessing any specific title due to Netflix geo-restrictions, then has it all sorted for you with their extensive guides.

4. Collaborate with a fellow influencer

Break the myth that influencers hate each other, and invite one of your fellows to your session and have an exciting chat or collaborate with them on a casual conversation. This is the best way to increase your reach as new viewers will watch you, and all the hype on the internet will be an excellent way for you to publicize your channel.

5. Become Personal

Most influencers online share almost everything they do in their lives, or they maintain a strict check and balance as to what they want to post online, who they want on their feed, and what topics they talk about.

While it is a wise thing to do, at times, getting personal with your followers can be beneficial for your channel. The more your viewers can relate to you, the better your communication will be with them, and they will actively engage and enjoy as you stream online.

6. Live activity session

You can arrange a small activity session which your users can join as well, like having a cooking session or painting session, or even a little make-up or organizational tutorial that will help them do something productive in their day. And even motivate those who are struggling to do the essential task; you never know whom you can influence with the most basic tasks ever.

7. Share your Expertise

Teach others what you do, spread your skillset to others so they can start something of their own. Influencing business may not be easy, but people who are doing it enjoy it thoroughly. And the most question they get is how do they do it?

Sharing your expertise with others will help them take a stand and enlighten them about the whole process so they can gain knowledge and initiate something of their own and venture out into a field that has a lot of scope and a good career path.

If you have any questions, please ask below!