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6 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Social media provides you with a tremendous opportunity for business promotion, and digital marketing is tapping into this platform to offer you the benefit of connecting with your potential audience one on one.

But the social media page for your business will be your opportunity only when more and number of people like it or follow it. Like to your page means visibility, business promotion, and demand.

So how do you get people to like your page? This has been the most debatable topic, but there are only specific proven ways to get authentic like for facebook page. But don’t fall for fake methods that require you to provide like or followers for some payment.

There are only some paid services that are genuine and from where you can get Facebook likes, easily. But first, try these proven menthols of gaining more likes to your Facebook page.

  1. Timing is the key: The Time you post on your Facebook page is critical. You need to know when your prospective audience uses their Facebook. For an instant, if you business customers are working class and you post during office hours, then it’s difficult that all of them will even view it. But if you post after office hours like from evening six to nine, then there are huge chances that your post will be considered.
  2. Images are critical: Photos or images are vital for your page. People tend to remember what they see more than what they read. Also, pictures are like instant communication; they say what you want to communicate. An appropriate image is more likely to generate user interest than a news feed or narrative. Use of beautiful and bright photos will attract Facebook users and help you get facebook likes.
  3. Facebook Group: If you want to get genuine likes on Facebook then try creating a group. A Facebook group is for people with a common interest or thinking, or people that like a similar activity. But more important than creating a group, is to keep it active. That means members of the group should be actively involved in any conversation or discussion etc. to keep the members engaged by regularly posting on the group or by asking questions.
  4. Contest on Facebook: To get more likes you need to generate interest and engage the audience on your page. What better way than running a game. Content on your Facebook page will mean enticing new users and appreciate and rewarding the regular loyal users. It will also say that users will turn to your page regularly to check on the results of the contest. Bringing you more traffic and more likes for your page.
  5. The frequency of post: Now, this is important! Mere posting on Facebook page will not help unless your posts are regular, relevant and more frequent. A survey published lately revealed that posting a minimum two post per day bought 40% more users and more likes. But the quality of the post is prime. Never settle for quality over quantity. Your post has to be relevant and useful to users to generate likes.
  6. The friend Benefit: Or How you like it to be called leveraging your friends on Facebook. Ask your friends to join your page and take an interest in it; there are huge chances that if your friends join your page other will follow. Another benefit of family or friends on Facebook is that you can ask them to refer you to their friends or groups. Getting direct referral always work. Moreover, appreciate them to like or comment on your page.

Be active yourself and respond quickly to any questions, comment or like to your page. Being actively 8nvouve don your Facebook page will give an impression on the audience that you are there to listen and appreciate them, and this is important.

Remember getting people to like your Facebook page is not at all problematic but how you get to do that can take some of your brains. Do not do sloppy or silly things to get noticed or share posts that others have shared on their page. Be creative and innovative. Tell a story or create your brand name on Facebook using innovative photos can do a lot of benefits.

If you have any questions, please ask below!