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4 ways to Promote Your Taxi App with Social Media Influencers

The success of a taxi app largely depends on how it is marketed locally, especially by penetrating deeper into social media. It all starts with developing an app with the help of the taxi app development company. Having a taxi app will aid in surging the number of the customer base as it makes the entire taxi booking, tracking, and rating the taxi service easier in simple steps.

And once the app is underway you will need to get it out in the market. There are plenty of ways to do it which includes social media marketing, local activation, offers, and even influencer marketing. While all others are easily doable to attract the masses, influential marketing is the way to get hold of a niche target market. There are tactics and ways to rope in social media celebrities based on their influential power.

Here’s how you can ace the influential social media marketing campaign:

1. Selecting the right fit for influencing:

Here’s the set of questions you will ask before choosing the right influencer.

– What is the right content for the selected influencer? Video may prove costly while a tweet can work out in an efficient manner. Make sure you consider the platform before picking the social media influencer

– Which is the right social media channel to send out the message? Some may be influential in Instagram while others may be good on YouTube. Again, consider where your audience

And once you successfully answer these questions, you are required to put the stuff out there in the market.

For that to happen, you will need the following:

2. Start with testing the waters.

It is always the best idea to launch with a short stake and not dive deep from the word go. Start off by sending free rides to the influencers and get their reviews published. Analyze the response and see if that is really your target group. Successful results may then lead to a long term partnership and explore multiple social media platforms moving ahead.

No doubt, having the one-off sponsored posts for your taxi app is not the best way out to get the word rolling the market. Some social media marketers believe that such peekaboo from influencers can save a lot of costs. You are not going to save much with such small term associations. Usually, influencer invests a lot of time in creatively merging their identity with that of the taxi app such that they even integrate the entire taxi dispatch system. This will lead them to charge a higher rate per post than you may usually pay if you are associated on a long term basis. A commitment of a multi-post campaign upfront will also shape the brand identity of your taxi app.

3. Start developing a relationship with the influencer

Get an influencer onboard with a proper contract in place. This will also give them the security of a long term association and they will be writing more honestly about the bran. Gradually, the business proposals will transcend towards a fruitful, symbiotic relationship. And influencer partnerships based on relationships yield successful results in a longer run.

One of the key advantages of creating such a rapport is that your influencer will get familiar with your brand which enables them to suggest you opportunities proactively. Remember, the stronger the relationship with an influencer, harder they will endorse you and even casually mention your taxi app to their peers, family, and fans. This not only limits to their physical social circle but also mentioning your taxi app services in other blogs and content. Brand loyalty is something that is earned and if your taxi app is really a handy product you stay assured they will be thinking positively of your brand. Such an engagement will turn your influencers to customers in no time and then you may also be getting some organic referrals which save your market spend as well.

4. Emphasizing on short and relevant content

The influencer’s content used in social media marketing for a taxi app is way too different from an advertising campaign. There is no way you create a video with you influencer and label your taxi over it and then expect it to do wonders. No, it doesn’t work that way in influential marketing. The times are changing and social media audience is getting smarter with every device they upgrade to. If you are new to the game and marketing your taxi app on social media for the first time then try gaining recognition by having your taxi app sitting next to the prominent ones to bask in their reflected grandeur. Remember, your potential user is browsing through the influencer’s social media is not looking for the product and they certainly do not care about your taxi app. Involve more humanly, natural approach towards the influencer so that the audience care for it.


Let’s conclude with ‘Uber’s ‘Rider Zero‘campaign where they roped in top influencers from every city they entered. They let the influencer try out Uber’s service for the first time in a ‘secret’ way and have them tweet it. That’s how Uber leveraged on influencer marketing and reach out to millions of followers that each of these social media celebrities has on Twitter. This had them create a noteworthy buzz around their taxi app services.

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