Why Modern TV Has An Upper Hand on Retro

evrvrvrWith the increasing pace and advancement in technology, traditional ways (or process of doing something or achieving something) are long gone. But the television industry was somewhat able to put a pause on such advancement but that potency couldn’t hold up against the duress and dynamism of the scientific advancement that has almost grasped the entire globe by its tempting spirit and beyond the limit potential. Wise men did once say, “Nothing is constant, things are bound to change” – and we being the inhabitants of the 21st century are perceiving it with much more consistency. Things have changed almost 180 degrees in every respect, aspect, and prospect but that doesn’t mean that the outcomes and consequences have changed too.

Yes, being the framer of this article, I could very well understand that some inevitable questions have already started peering from every possible corner of the reader’s mind. Some might already have started perceiving a cold war between their senses. Some you have started guessing that this content is solely based on some sort of comparison between the modern television and so-called retro one. Undoubtedly, you guys guessed it right! So, without hovering any further, let’s just straight away dive into the mainstream.

Internet and Retro

Prior to the invention of internet life happens to be on its own, but as internet hit the market with it’s lashing waves, the calculation of life has gone through a major changelog. Surely, you guys can better demonstrate what changelog has the life gone through, but keeping that aside, here’s a question – “Has Internet really changed the television world?” Unquestionably and undeniably the answer has to be “Yes”. We have all behold our grandparents and parents waiting for their favorite shows, serials, movies eagerly. But with the immense advancement internet has successfully put a pause in such traditional ways.

Nowadays after hitting the silver curtain, most movies are almost available over the internet. In fact, those which fail to hit such a podium also finds its spectators once being uploaded to any platform via the internet. Not only movies, but one can also watch complete series & shows on most of the broadcasting sites like Netflix, Hotstar, Star tv etc. They, in fact, provide us live coverage of our favorite La Liga, Barclays premier league and other sorts of sports.

Whereas many a time, during our childhood, we have faced several fanatic tantrums from the cable operator itself. In fact, nowadays who all are well accustomed to dish tv and set-top boxes have indubitably faced such issue. During bad weather conditions, most of the service providers stop down their services thereby displaying a message on the screen of your television “service temporarily unavailable due to bad weather condition”. But you could easily detect the best part of irony when you step out of your house. A bit of wind along with slight rain splashes is being termed as “bad weather condition”. On the contrary, if you have a stable internet connection, you are almost ready to explore the unexplorable (things you thought didn’t exist). Some websites have also come up with certain unique and tempting facilities – like if are intending to watch a movie or a show, but that very content is unavailable on their site. You could simply hit the request button present on the very site and thereby request your favorite one. Such facilities have surely demolished the retro services to some extent.

Present Day Broadcasting Services Vs Retro Services

With the easy availability of the internet, several private companies and organizations have come up with numerous undeniably cool and confronting services. Some of the leading service providers are Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Hotstar, amazon prime etc. To be frank and precise, we all know that nowadays we hardly have time to sit on our sofas and enjoy television while munching nachos. This is the scope which the organizations have taken advantage of.

They have come up with such services which allow you to enjoy your favorite shows on the go. Like you can simply download their official apps from the app store or play store and start streaming all the possible entertainments. The services come out to be really handy in all aspects.

  • When it comes to affordability, this services charge you pretty nominal, though they have several packages for you but nothing obstructs you from enjoying all your favorites. For instance – Amazon prime is offering a one-year membership for just Rs. 999. The package is certainly differentiated based on the content quality (like HD or even in 4K too) you want them to stream.
  • The second and foremost thing which might prove out to be a deal breaker for the newbies (who are intending to take cable connection) is that this sort of services also provides you with some extra facilities which are extremely beneficial in their own way. For an instance – many a platform lets you stream movies or serials on multiple devices (2 or 3) at the same time. Not only you can stream your favorite source of entertainment but also can share the same account with your parents to let them enjoy their own. All they charge will be same, whether you stream on one device or on multiple (2 or 3) devices.

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