Useful And Entertaining Sites With Fairly Simple Idea

websitesThere are more than 14.5 billion Indexed web pages online in the world today. There are all sorts of websites out there, some of them even illegal. Developers are coming up with new websites daily, each one of them inspired by a new idea or an extension of an idea created by some other developer. The fact of the matter is that with the billions of webpages out there, it's starting to get difficult to come up with a really new, creative and useful idea that makes other developers facepalm and go " Oh my God! How come I didn't think of that before". Simplicity, usefulness and catering to a human need are the bases of such an idea. Let's have a look at some websites online today that are inspired by such an idea.


The top preference and my personal favorite website is You can get a temporary e-mail address which will expire after 15 minutes and in those fifteen minutes you can send and as well as receive messages. Your identity will be concealed which will help you do things you have ever imagined of. Keeping all your current sinister ideas aside, this website can really help you in emergency for instance if your original hotmail or any other account gets hacked or blocked, the first thing you will do is let others know. The only time saving website you have is


One of the simplest ideas ever created, it's a wonder why no one thought of this before. What does the website do? Sometimes in life when we finally find time to stop, sit and think, we realize that there are things that we want to change, maybe redo, maybe retry and try for the first time. Have you ever thought of something that you really thought you should write down and remember for a long time? This site caters to that need. You can also use this website as a joke or for fun or a reminder. All you have to do is to write a letter, to yourself that you will receive on a future date you feed into the website. On that specific date, the site will mail your own letter to your own email and voila! Simple but immensely creative.


The name says it all. How many times have you lost your phone? The most practical and easiest solution is to ask a friend to give it a call and go on a hunt for your ringing tone coming from under the couch, inside a pillow case or a book or wherever. But now there's another way, a simpler way to find your phone. Visit, enter your cell phone number and your country code (If you're not from the U.S.) and receive a call instantly!


Every now and again we come across things that appear to be normal, in place and usual but when we take a closer look at them, we find out that they are actually hilariously out of place and most unusual. Most of us have come across sign boards, ads, brochures and banners etc. that are just darn funny for some reason or the other. This website here happens to be a mammoth collection of such silly things that people came across, took a picture and then uploaded on the internet. The website also provides explanations for our understanding as to what was the concept behind such hilarious stuff. The website is better known by the phrase, "This is broken". Check it out, you'll have a very good time.

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