Unusual Places on Earth Having Wi-Fi

planet_earth_wifiWe live in a world where wireless connectivity seems to be everywhere- in the cafes, schools, parks, airports, and libraries. The strange fact is that most of these places offer free Wi-Fi. It has become such an accepted service that we hardly get amazed when we find completely free Wi-Fi hotspots at a strange location. Still, there are places in the world where you can hardly expect Wi-Fi connectivity, and these will certainly appear weird to you.

On the go

Which mode will you prefer to travel from one location to another? Bus, train, flight, or cruise? Surprising, but, true, that you can access internet sitting at any of them. Yes, you can enjoy Wi-Fi whether you are on road, on track, flying in the sky, or sailing in the sea. The cruises and flights provide complimentary internet access or sometimes paid access on board for quite sometimes. Even when you are in London or New York underground stations, you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

The beach

Hundreds of beaches around the world offer public Wi-Fi. The list is elaborate and include the names such as - Clearwater Beach (Florida), Chicago Beaches, Brighton Beach (UK), Patong Beach (Thailand), Sunset State Beach (California), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Miami Beach, Waikiki Beach (Hawaii), and Naples (Italy).There are several others in the list. A new one is being added every passing day. Days are not far away when it will be a common practice to have Wi-Fi on the beaches.

On the top of the world

If you are a kind of person who likes to scale the mountains and wants to share with the world when you have conquered the summit, then you may be looking for the Wi-Fi even at the top of the mountains. Without the wireless connectivity, you can do this by simply carrying a heavy satellite equipment. However, sometimes it is too difficult when you are trekking, especially the high mountains.

Now, you do not have to carry any equipment, and still you can stream YouTube channel even at the top of Everest. Wireless connection is available at 17,000 foot base camp, the last point on the mountain before you reach the top. It is unbelievable, but true.

North Pole

One of the world's coldest places even has Wi-Fi hot spot and that too from 2005. Intel had set up the Wi-Fi hotspot just 80km from the North Pole. This may be probably because the scientists and the expeditors can access internet and check their mails.

Though, cold weather is particularly harmful for the batteries and the LCD screens, the wireless network is running and can be accessed by any camp visitors carrying a laptop or a smartphone. The camp is situated on the top of the ice and is only functional only when the weather condition is favorable.

A cemetery

It sounds strange when we talk about a hot spot in the cemetery. We are confused with the purposes. Oak Grove Cemetery located in Peducah, Kentucky has its own free Wi-Fi for several years. The spokesman admitted that the wireless connectivity will help the visitors to trace their family history.

In spaceship

The first commercial spaceship, Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two, was designed to fly six passengers and two pilots into the space and back from there. Is expected to rocket through the stratosphere. While the flight was sent its third test flight on January 10th. Finally, it appears that the space tourism will soon be successful. May be sometimes late in the year.

The spaceship is just like any other conventional flying machine. So, the question is just as any other commercial flights can you expect Wi-Fi access in these spaceships? Certainly, there will be internet connectivity. You will also be able to share your experience while flying at the edge of the space.

Soon there will be no place left on the earth devoid of wireless connectivity. So, keep on discovering wireless connectivity in further strange places and make this list more comprehensive.

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