TWEEPLERS: See Who’s Trending

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 19.09.00Pop Alert! A new website allows us to see who’s King of Twitter in real time. As Twitter is a digital platform where stars all around the globe convene, Tweeplers becomes the new staple for pop culture junkies. The website generates Twitter user rankings allowing you to uncover who’s trending in real time.

Discover who’s trending on Twitter with Tweeplers!

The website rounds up Twitter name mentions both locally, and globally. Tweeplers makes use of this intensive Twitter name mention count to intensively rank who’s trending. Tweeplers is the first website that ranks Twitter users according to a number of mentions they receive.

Tweeple’ innovative real-time Tweet count technology gives pop-culture junkies an idea on whom to follow based on the hottest Twitter Celeb at the moment. Users can simply click on the Twitter link and the website will redirect them to the Celebrity’s Twitter account.

Tweeplers not only does it rank what’s the most talked about worldwide, but it also uncovers the kings of the local pop scenes. In the website, the users will be given an inquisitive menu that allows them to choose a country to view. It means you can uncover the hottest trends from different sections of the globe!

The most interesting feature of Tweeplers is the real time tweet summary that gives the visitors accurate global and local rankings as well as trending Twitter users. This unique feature of Tweeplers allows users to witness the rankings change continuously as the Twitter count grows by the minute.

The website also features a comprehensive ranking of active users per country. Tweeplers rounds up the number of Tweets in a certain location and ranks the countries accordingly. This comprehensive list of actively tweeting countries also changes as Tweets are being summarised in real time.

Although the real-time Tweet count is pretty interesting, a unique feature of Tweeplers is the Realtime Tweets Map. The map of the globe features a glittering synopsis of Tweets worldwide. This feature allows users to gauge the Twitter activity of different parts of the globe. This extensive map shows where Twitter activity happens heavily and vice versa.

The real time Tweet counting technology of Tweeplers presents the user with a comprehensive ranking from the timespan of the last 51 minutes to make sure that your Twitter rankings are up-to date.

Although Tweeplers is very useful in discovering whom to follow, Tweeplers can be very useful for digital marketing as it provides you with an extensive real time Twitter count both locally, and globally.

You may also use Tweeplers to gauge new trends in different countries or determine the social activity of Twitter users all across the globe with the help Tweeplers’ of Realtime Tweets Map.

Social Media Marketer may use Tweeplers to gauge the audience’s responsiveness to your ads, or they may simply use it to measure product awareness. Tweeplers’ Realtime Tweets Map can also be used to determine where to pinpoint your digital marketing strategies.

Whether you are a social media marketer, or simply a pop culture junkie, there are many ways to use Tweeplers: monitor local and global Tweets, or simply discover the hottest Twitter celeb. Either way, you can make the most out of you Tweepler experience!

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