Top Advantages of Upgrading to Fiber Internet 700

Whether you are someone who eagerly keeps abreast of the latest developments in computers, software programs, and computer-related technologies or prefer the more traditional daily life and activities, either way, upgrading to fiber internet will revolutionize the way you use the internet.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top six advantages of upgrading to fiber internet.

1. No More Throttling!

First and foremost, throttling (if you are not already familiar with this term) is a tool that some less comprehensive internet providers utilize to prevent their powerlines from becoming overloaded.

Particularly common in the summer months when people are maxing out their air conditioning units, for example, internet service providers regularly override the signal and reduce the speed of your connection dramatically.

Fiber optic internet is a much more complex type of connection that is far less susceptible to overloading.

2. Advanced Game Play

Another fantastic advantage to choosing to upgrade to fiber optic internet is that ordinary connectivity things that may slow down my internet are simply not an issue.

If you or another member of your household is a keen and passionate gamer, then whether they tend to game on a PC or video game console, there will be far fewer instances of buffering and games unexpectedly quitting.

From the amazing Hogwarts Legacy to League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, no matter the style of immersive gameplay you enjoy, fiber internet will ensure you never have to pause and be thrown back into reality.

3. The Ability to Connect with Numerous Devices

Back when the internet was first developed and launched, every member of the family had to wait their turn to use the bulky and dominating personal computer in the living room and, what is more, whenever someone wanted to make a phone call, you had to disconnect.

These days, the average person owns a smartphone and has access to one or more laptops and often one or more tablets or iPads too. The beauty of fiber optic internet is that, due to the simple fact that signal loss is much less frequent and a generally higher bandwidth, everyone can be online at the same time, and the signal, connectivity, and speed will not be affected.

4. Movie Nights Will Improve Tenfold

Sales of high-definition and huge flat-screen televisions have absolutely soared in the last couple of years, yet a surprisingly large number of people report back to the store they purchased their TV from to claim it is not working correctly.

Of course, in some instances, there is actually a fault with the unit itself, but more often than not, their home broadband connection is simply too weak, intermittent, and slow to support the high-tech nature.

With fiber optic internet, however, even the cheapest form of the connection will never struggle with high-definition items of technology, with even the base speed averaging out at 500 Mbps, which is five times the speed of cable internet on a good day.

5. Upload and Download Speeds Match

If you are someone who travels for a large part of their working life, you will be no stranger to downloading your favorite movies and television boxsets to watch them offline.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a content creator and have your own YouTube channel that requires you to upload regular videos. Often, with cable internet, although download speeds are generally acceptable, it can take an incredibly long time to upload even the shortest of videos. Fiber internet, however, will never suffer problems due to overloading the connection and therefore ensures a much speedier upload each and every time.

6. Possible Health Benefits

The sixth and final way in which fiber optic internet is far superior to cable internet is not yet conclusively proven.

However, it would be worth noting that even though the World Health Organization has conducted studies that it says have proven 5G internet poses no health risks, hundreds upon hundreds of researchers and scientists have petitioned against their claim.

To be on the safe side, choosing fiber optic internet will ensure that if such signals are harmful, they stay contained within the cables, and you will never be exposed.

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