Top 5 Open VPN Services

fwrfwrqfwqfqwWith the increasing number of restrictions that are coming from government bodies from across the globe, people are looking for VPN connections that can ease them out from all the troubles. Although the free VPN servers are available as free software to download however you need to pay a specific amount of money for a regular subscription to use the service.

Not only a VPN allows you to change your proxy locations, but it also acts as security addition because all the data tunneling happens in an encrypted manner through a VPN. A virtual private network or a VPN is hence often referred as tunneling protocols.

One of the other significant benefits of using a VPN is that it helps you to optimize your browsing experience. Various types of protocols are available that can be used through a VPN. Use of an OpenVPN is more popular among the technical users as this particular protocol does not fail to be recognized even when any other protocol has failed.

The internet speed in some instances could decrease, but this happens to improve the security levels. In countries where internet censorship is very high, such VPN allows users to have access to the services and sites that are restricted.

Depending upon the location that you are living in and the type of services you are looking for, the choice of VPN could differ. On a general basis and considering the reviews of the users, following are some of the most popular free Open VPN servers of nowadays:


The VPNbook does not require a large software to be downloaded. It takes a limited space and also does not make any impact on the performance of your system. The security feature of the VPN is also outstanding which makes it a reliable option. Novice users may find the process of setting up this VPN a little complicated however there is enough information available on the internet to help the setup. Choices among the geographical locations are not the best but are satisfactory.

This VPN is fast and is easy to set up. A large number of people who want to mask their IP in the united states make use of VPNMe. For a user to use this VPN an application is required to be downloaded however a version is available for all kinds of OS and devices. There is already a large number of servers available for this VPN, and their numbers are growing at a considerable pace.


This VPN brings with it a lot of options and one of the best technologies for VPN through an open client. Servers under the free service are available in US, Europe, Germany, and the UK. The service provider allows unlimited switching however the limitations to IP Addresses is around 10. They support latest windows platform as well.


If you are looking for a free VPN and a free subscription, then Cyberghost needs to be your choice. They provide safe and secure VPN connections from Mac, Windows as well as Android devices. They have servers available in as many as 58 countries by which you can easily hide your location. Installing the service is also an easy job, and anyone can quickly do so.

Some of the most experienced individuals in the field of networking backup this VPN. It is considered to be one of the highest rated VPN when it comes to customer orientation. They support Linux platform as well along with the support for Mac and Windows systems. You get unlimited bandwidth along with the trouble-free experience.

Unlike lot many VPNs, the allows you to download torrents for free as well. As the name suggests, they are also a free service provider however they seek donations from the users that can be as low as $1. You can make this payment through various modes including bitcoins.

The must-remember Important points

Your choice of VPN can vary based on your requirements. Also as the demand is high, new names keep coming over the internet that provides safe and secure services at low cost. A user needs to keep itself updated and choose according to the requirements to get something that satisfies all that he wants. Some VPN service providers may prompt you to install a lot of additional software but ensure that you are downloading only reliable files to your system.

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