The Right Way to Proofread Your Social Media Content

proofreadingIt is boring, but you have to do it to ensure that your blog and social network content is free from grammar, spelling and vocabulary errors. The main problem with proofreading comes from the fact that it is often hard for writers to be unbiased and to pinpoint their own errors. The following tips and tools will help you to avoid this issue and do a fantastic job.

Important Proofreading Tips

Ensure that you have perfect grammar.
It is easy for readers to notice errors and this will make your content less trustworthy automatically. You would not want to get information and advice from someone who is not familiar with the main grammar rules. That is why you have to have perfect grammar. If you are not sure that you have written something correctly, you should checkit with an appropriate tool.

Avoid automatic spelling correction.

No matter which type of tool you use, you should have it only highlight improperly spelled words. In this way, you can check the word and correct it properly. Unfortunately, automatic correction is not sophisticated enough and can create to absolutely non-sense.
Change the setting.

One and the same object may appear quite different in a gloomy room than in bright sunlight. It is pretty much the same with social media content. Try to change the format or the font of the text before you proofread it. This will help you to be more critical. You can also print the text.

Does it sound right?

You should definitely read the content aloud slowly or ask someone else to do it. This will make it much easier to spot errors and to fix them.
Do it with a fresh eye.
Let some time pass between the completion of the writing and the start of the proofreading. Do some other things to take your mind away from the content. This will help you to look at it from a different perspective.

Useful Proofreading Tools:

You have to ensure that you get the right help with proofreading. The following sources are effective and reliable.
10 Common Grammar Mistakes That Will Ruin Good Content
This general guide will help you to correct any existing mistakes and avoid them in the future. It is easy to read and to use.

You simply need to paste your text into the designated box and any grammar, spelling and style errors will be pointed out. You will also get suggestions for fixing them.

With the help of this ebook, you will learn valuable techniques for achieving an attractive writing style which will keep your readers captivated.

This website offers effective solutions to specific grammar issues in addition to general tips. It is an extremely valuable problem solver.

This is an advanced free grammar checker worth using.

This tool will help you to eliminate accidentally plagiarized text for better search engine optimization of the content.

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