Streamlined Web Browsing With Genieo

genieoGenieo is a new software program that simplifies the way you access your favourite feeds and sites on the Internet. This software comes with a customized startpage that replaces your traditional homepage and showcases your favourite sites and news feeds. You startpage is completely personalized to your preferences and includes news from your favourite entertainment sites, sports sites, financial sites, social media sites, news sites and more. Using this program requires little effort on your part - you just need to download and install the program. Once it is installed, it will immediately begin collecting data on your browsing activity. This data collection allows the program to filter out information you do not want to see and provide you with content that matters to you. You will spend less time managing and finding information and more time enjoying news that interests you.

This software takes the top developments and stories from your favourite financial, social media, sports and news sites and then lists that information on one page. This program uses proprietary algorithms to find information based on your interests. The information on your startpage will include feeds from your favourite sites as well as recommendations for sites that you may be interested in. In addition, the information on your startpage is ranked based on its relevance and importance. This program offers a variety of benefits including less time searching through information, a customized startpage, automatic bookmarking of your favourite sites and the capability for the program to constantly adapting to your changing interests.

Updates, Developments and News from Social Media Sites

This software program is more than a general recommendation engine and news feed management system. For example, you will be able to see developments and updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on your startpage. You can also see updates from a variety of other social media sites include G+, MySpace and more. In addition, you can quickly and easily share social media information with friends and family from your startpage. Genieo will sift through information the large number of news stories and updates from these sites and only provide you with stories that matter to you.

This program also allows you to stay up to date with developing stories that interest you and you can stay updated on financial, sports or other types of news stories. One of the innovative features of the startpage is that you can view and control all of the information on a single page. Essentially, the startpage is your control center for you entire web browsing operation. When one of your favourite social media sites, financial sites, news sites or other site is updated, the developments from that site are automatically included on your startpage. With this program, you will never miss out on breaking stories or developing news updates from your preferred sites.

The Information You Want is at Your Fingertips

Genieo can be used on Windows and iOS-powered computers as well as iPads, iPhones and Android devices. You no longer need to worry about missing an important updates or news story with this software. What makes this program different from a traditional RSS feed feeder is that it automatically manages your feeds and adapts to your changing preferences. This program collects information on your browsing behavior and then using its algorithms to give you a selection of stories and content that is important to you based on your web browsing sessions. This software is much more than a conventional RSS feed reader and it is a great choice for casual users, businesses and technically inclined users.

With Genieo, you will be able to see stories you are interested in from your favourite sources and sites. Your startpage will be automatically updates in real time when new feeds and stories appear in order to improve and enhance you web browsing experience. Best of all, this program is guaranteed to be completely safe and secure. The program does not use an outside server to operate so your information cannot and will not be shared with any third party. This program is completely free to download and once it is installed, it will immediately begin creating a customized startpage for you. Finally, there is a program that can provide you with a completely tailored and easy to navigate portal to information you want to see.

Brett Chatz is a tech expert with qualifications in SEM and SEO. He is an internationally published author (Serum) and a leading political writer.

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