Serpstat Review: All-in-One SEO Platform

As you may already know, there are a lot of SEO tools out there, however, the Serpstat SEO tool has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times, mainly because of the list of features it offers within its competitive price tags.

serpEven though the Serpstat is fairly new on the market and faces tough competition from industry-leading SEO tools like SEMrush and Moz, its price point makes Serpstat one among the best SEO tools for newbies and professionals alike. You no longer need to end up spending 100’s of dollars to get some professional-grade SEO tools, thanks to Serpstat.

If you haven’t heard about Serpstat before, that is because it is new in the market as stated above. And if you would like to know more about Serpstat, it’s features and pricing, then today we bring you a detailed review and analysis of the Serpstat SEO tool.

Serpstat SEO tool Review:

Below are some of the key features of Serpstat that makes it the new talk in town:

  1. Domain Analysis.
  2. Keyword Analysis.
  3. Competitor Analysis.
  4. PPC Research.
  5. Keyword Research.
  6. Backlink Analysis.
  7. Rank Tracking.
  8. Site Audit.

And now, let us go into detail about each of the above-mentioned features of Serpstat.

Domain Analysis:


To make use of the domain analysis feature of Serpstat, all you need to do is to enter the domain URL whose competition you would like to analyze. After entering the URL, you will then result with a list of keywords that all the pages on your domain, that it is ranking for.

Apart from the list of keywords, the tool also can pick on the daily pageview count that your domain gets on an average. Even though Google Analytics provides the best statistics in terms of pageviews and traffic, the results provided by Serpstat are also approximate enough.

Domain Analysis also gives you a view of the domain linking back to your domain/site and also its referring pages. Apart from that, you can also view your domain’s top SERP competitors.

Keyword Analysis:


The Keyword Analysis tool is one of the best features of Serpstat. The keyword analysis feature of the Serpstat SEO tool lets you find all the keywords that are related to any webpage that you give as input. Apart from the keywords for which the webpage is already ranking, the tool also returns with keywords related to the webpage for which you aren’t ranking currently.

Making a note and including the other keywords which aren’t already used on your webpage will give you an edge over your competitors as you will be able to drive some additional traffic on to your webpage by targeting the new keywords.

Competitor Analysis:


The SEO research tool of Serpstat allows you to research and monitor on all the keywords that a webpage is ranking for. The details displayed include a volume of the keywords used in the webpage, its CPC, position, and other related data.

The keywords listed are taken from various search engines and also from several Google sub-domains including Google UK, Google US, Google AU and Google CA. Serpstat also regularly bring updates to their existing database to include more region-specific Google domains.

The list of keywords given as result will include the following: Google Adwords based search volume, ranking of the domain for the specific keyword, CPC of the keyword, total number of results for the keyword, the level of competition of the keyword, the total number of words in the keyword, special SERP elements, filtered toponyms, keywords that are misspelled, synonym keywords and more.

If you wish to view a more refined list of keywords, then you can also make use of filters to pick the type of keywords you wish to see as results.

The domain vs domain comparison feature is yet another awesome feature under competitor analysis. Domain vs Domain allows you to compare two different domains, practically your domain name vs your competitors, and get a complete comparison report on traffic, keywords and more.

The tree view feature of Serpstat lets you analyze all the top traffic pages on your website along with the keywords that the content is currently ranking well for on search engines.

PPC Research:


If you are someone who runs paid ad campaigns on their website/blogs, then the PPC Research feature of Serpstat can be of great potential to you. The features of PPC Research in Serpstat is somewhat similar to the SEO research features that the tool offers. However, instead of providing you with results on organic keywords, the PPC Research feature will give you with all the keywords used by your competitors to run a paid campaign on their site.

The Domain vs Domain comparison feature is also present under PPC research, where you can find the campaign keywords used by your competitors and the respective traffic that they receive.

Keyword Research:

keyword research

Apart from letting you find keyword in case you have some topic ideas in mind, the keyword research functionality of Serpstat also enables you to find relevant keywords with less competition and more traffic to the target keywords you specify into the tool.

The tool also returns you with keywords related to your target keyword, in case you are planning to run an advertisement campaign related to your article.

Another cool feature of the keyword research tool is that it also displays traffic trends of the keyword based on the statistics from Google Trends so that you can easily identify whether focusing on a specific keyword is useful at the moment or not.

You also get a list of the 20 top organic competitors for the specified keyword.

Backlink Analysis:


Backlink Analysis using the Serpstat SEO too will allow you to have a close look at the backlinks status of your domain. Apart from regular traffic stats, the Serpstat SEO tool also provides you with two of its own stats: the trust rank and the Serpstat page rank. Both the ranks are basically an analysis of the quality and quantity of the backlinks to your domain.

You can also view all the latest backlinks that have been recently created for your domain and also export all the backlinks data to your computer as an excel sheet.

Apart from the list of backlinks, the Serpstat SEO tool also lets you find the top pages with the most backlinks on your domain, which is a great advantage to know what kind of content is actually getting popular on your domain.

Rank Tracker:


The Rank Tracker feature of Serpstat SEO tool is largely useful for people to know whether their link building strategy is helping in increasing the rank of their blog/website or not. All the data related to the ranks of your domain and the target keywords are auto-renewed on a daily basis. Apart from that, the graph view lets you take a look on to the top ranked pages on your website along with pages that have gained and lost the most SERP rank in the recent past.

Site Audit:


Regular Site Audits are important for any website/blog in order to identify if the domain is facing any sort of SEO errors or any other errors that are left unnoticed and requires a quick fix.

The Site Audit feature of Serpstat allows you to closely analyze the on-page SEO elements like header tag errors, meta description errors, page speed issues, duplicate content issues, redirections and more. It also lists the priority of each error, so that you can quickly fix errors with the highest priority in order to instantly improve the SEO of your website.

Based on all the errors present, completing the site audit will return you with a score on 100. Any score below 80 will mean that you need to focus more on the SEO factors of your website.

In the case that you are performing a site audit using Serpstat for any of your clientele, then you can also export the site audit data as PDF file as well.

Serpstat SEO Tool Pricing and Customer Support:

Apart from the list of features mentioned above, the one feature that makes Serpstat the most competitive all-in-one SEO tool out there is its pricing.

With price tags ranging from just $19 all the way up to $299 for personal use and prices up to $2500 for business purposes, the costliest plans from Serpstat still is cheaper than other alternatives already available in the market.

However, if you are not someone who gets convinced easily to buy a product, then you still can use Serpstat for free until you make up your mind to purchase the full-version. The free Serpstat SEO tool allows you to make 30 free search queries per month, but the results will be restricted to the top 10 SERP results. The free Serpstat SEO tool even offers 100-page audits per month for free.

Final Words:

From the detailed review above of the Serpstat SEO tool, it is very much clear that Serpstat is one of the best upcoming all-in-one SEO tools out there. For such a competitive pricing, Serpstat is able to offer services that are comparable to even industry-leading SEO tools.

If you are someone who is in search of a proper and complete SEO tool that too within a budget that won’t break your wallet, then you must check out the Serpstat SEO tool right now.

If you have any questions, please ask below!