No more Trouble with 0870 Numbers

Worried which call to pick up and which one to avoid? There are several numbers which are tagged as service numbers and attending to them would mean serious hefty call charges. And this is something which every phone user abstains from getting into. So is there any method through which you can get rid of this problem. Well, yes, here we are to tell you ways about how to read the numbers and save yourself from expensive phone bills. These calls can cost you between 11 p per minute to 68 p per minute. Also, they charge 13 p just for making the call to the company. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend you to read this article. Let us start.

Service charge and access charge are two different things

When you dial numbers beginning with numbers like 084, 09, 118 or 087 then the company charges you with a specific amount per second. The charges per minute are different for landline and mobile. For landline they are around 12 p per minute, whereas in mobile they can be up to 55 p per minute.

The service charge is different from what it charges you when you call the company or the organization. It gets benefit from it. The organizations should make you aware of the fact that they charge you between 13 p per minute to 13 p per minute. Do ask the company when making the call if they are not informing you prior to the call.

In order to stop you readers from getting unnecessary trouble of surfing through these numbers and identifying which one costs around how much and how to avoid them, we would give you the summary of all the numbers. So that you can understand which numbers would charge you.

0800 and 0808 numbers

These numbers are toll free numbers which can be attended to without any hesitation. You are free to pick up these calls for free.

070 or 076 numbers

These numbers are mobile numbers and are often scam numbers. They can cost you $1.5 at the outset of picking the call. These numbers can just be a miss call on your phone and when you call back, it can lead to charging you heavily. So beware of these numbers.

118 numbers

These numbers can be very expensive and can go upto charging you 45 p per minute. Therefore, you should consider before making these calls. It can also mean spending $5.74 in a minute. Yes, you read that right. So it’s better to caution yourself before attending to those calls.

09 numbers

These numbers are taken up by the companies for horoscopes, competitions, voting and chat lines. They can charge you 1 p to $3.50. This becomes incumbent upon the person picking up the call getting charged with anything between the ranges specified.

07 numbers

These numbers are quite tricky as they do not cost you anything when you pick the call, but as you keep talking they may charge you a specified amount after a point of time. This is the cause of concern and hence the user must not give in to such numbers and attend these calls.

Provider’s charges

There are a number of companies which provide the facility of giving SIM. Hence, they release a chart which shows how much do these companies charge for certain services and access numbers. Let us have a look at the bifurcations made by these companies. Which company charges the most and which one is quite liberal? The companies which charge you are Vodafone, Three, EE, O2, sky, BT and talk talk. Their prices can range from 25 p to 65 p per minute in mobile charges and 11 p to 13 p in home connections.

Go free even when dialing 0870

There are ways in which you can call 0875, 0870 and 0800 numbers for free. There are some of the ways that are found to be most effective whether it is an app or a website.

Well to start this section, the best thing would be to give you readers a tip that whenever you dial these numbers just put 141 before those numbers. In this case, your numbers go untraceable and the provider will not be able to understand or dilute your ID. This will allow you to save your money and make calls which you really want to spend your money on. This idea works in the territories of the UK. And this can be used for making calls within the country as well as overseas.

The calls can be made alternatively or overseas. Let us understand this mechanism too.

Alternative calls: At times there are various departments present in a company. The caller must ensure that the department which charges the least amount should be called and enquired upon. The other departments which charge you comparatively higher should be avoided. This knowledge on your part would allow you to save your hard earned money and save you from the company’s cunning tricks.

Overseas calls:Companies must provide you with a list of numbers if you are overseas. You can dial these numbers by adding +44 instead of 0 in the UK. But there have been cases when the companies have understood this sort of moves from the users and have blocked those numbers. So it is advisable to try all this on your own risk. Better would be avoiding making overseas calls when the country’s boundaries.

Say no to 0870 or 0800 is a website and a campaign which has worked against the arbitrary charge making of telecom companies for making calls on service numbers. There are a number of apps in the market, which now allow you to be aware of the fraud calls and the company calls which charge you for picking up the calls. These apps verify the numbers and keep the list updated to help the users to keep away from the entire nuisance created by the telecom companies with regard to charging users.

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