Money-Saving Tips before Registering Your Domain Name

You've got an idea for a website and even have the layout finished! Congratulations, you're on your way to building a successful (maybe even profitable) website!

Or maybe you're just looking to scoop up extra domain names for private reasons.

However, before you break out the champagne and register your domain, there are just a few things you should severely consider before registering a domain.

Things like extensions (did you know there are such ones as .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, and .singles?) and other-potentially confusing-matters.

Today, we're going to take care of four crucial things you should know before registering your domain.

The first thing to think about is getting a domain registration from MelbourneIT or from any other company in Australia that offers free DNS hosting, domain name parking (if you're not ready to use your domain just yet), 24/7 customer support, and more!

With that first crucial step out of the way, let's tackle the second thing you should consider.

1. Diligently Read The Fine Print

Yes, it's boring. Yes, it's taxing. I can't think of anybody who'd take hours out of their day reading Terms of Services. But buried in that hellacious ToS may be a fine print that could backfire against you in a major way.

So much to the point that violating the ToS could land you in trouble. Some registrars are banking on it.

2. Keep Your Eyes Open For “Transfer-Out Fees”

This tip brings us back to the fine print. Ugh, right? What a waste! You've already read the ToS and are eager, even hungry to sign.

But hold on. Look again (Ctrl+F) through the ToS, hunting for a little pest called transfer-out fees.

This little b—- can ruin your life, your wallet, and your freedom. Your security. How?

When you find a registrar who's offering fair prices a month, for however long your plan is (5 or 10 year deal)… some, not all, but some registrars bury a hidden clause that allows the registrar to charge you a fee-if you decide to move to another registrar.

How much do they charge you?

It depends. It's often 2, 3, up to 5 times what you originally paid for when you registered the domain!

We don't want that happening to you. So here's the next thing you should consider, before registering your domain…

3. Prevent Being Taken By “Administration Fees”

According to, any registered domain's details must be publically listed in a database. This way, everybody can see everybody else's domain deets. This database is called

Part of the deal you get with registrars, is being able to change those details in Whois records. Except… some of the shady underbellies of registrars actually charge you for any edits after you've already made your domain and "signed the dotted line" of the contract.

Another thing you should do before signing the dotted line?

4. Don't Hang With The Wrong Crowd

Who you're seen around in life matters. Even more so on the internet. Be sure to head over to Ebay or simply Google any word associations known, between your domain name and others.

It might be wise to check UrbanDictionary, too. If you don't know: UD is an online dictionary written by "street" people and internet slang.

Make sure your brand name/domain name is with the right "crowd" of words.

Last Thoughts On This Matter

There's a lot going on in the world of domain registration. For some businesses and individuals, it's the internet equivalent of the New York Stock Exchange.

Some even take a few plays out of the "Wolf Of Wall Street" rulebook.

There are just so many hurdles you have to leap over, and things you must do just to pass muster. I hope you've found some of these tips helpful. Because, truly, not heeding this advice could backfire against your pockets in a major way.

Stay safe out there.

If you have any questions, please ask below!