Main Advantages of a Web Based Project Management Software

project managementUsing spreadsheets and email backup to run projects just does not cut it in the modern professional environment. Whether you are a beginner or a power user, you cannot ignore the need to comprehensive web based project management tools. With project management application, your team's work becomes a lot easier, making it possible for you to run your project like a pro. Timesaving and easy collaboration between team members are among the advantages of using online project management software. This software is a fantastic option for teams that are searching for feature-rich app to make them better at what they do. Let’s see which are the main advantages of using a project management software:

Easy access to files

Web based project management software makes it easy to access your files. The fact is that your team spends a fair of its time online anyway. So online task collaboration tools are simply another way for them to work together online. The project collaboration tools employ user-friendly interfaces that make them easy to learn. It is just like another website.

In addition to that, you can access the files from any location. Whether your team is in the office, on the road, or at home, it can still view the latest risk log or project schedule. Web project management also offers some security benefits because you do not need to save files on a flash drive that could easily get misplaced. As a substitute, you can access the latest copy of all relevant files from whichever location you are in.

Get real time information

Web project management makes it very easy to get hold of your project files. Therefore, there is no excuse for being unable to maintain everything up to date in real time. Online task management enables your team members to record their status quo, update their tasks, and complete their timesheets on the go. If they are using the project management tools as their main interface for the working day, there is no need of using another application to update issues or submit documents.

The other benefit of online project software is that you can utilize the built-in reporting features to obtain information regarding project status and progress.

Team collaboration

This project management tool has an advantage of toting collaboration features. When you work with virtual teams—which is the case for most of us—then you can share files, set up email alerts, send instant messages and engage in discussions.

If you want to eliminate need for numerous emails, use the project management online platform for discussions and group chats. In addition to that, web based project management software include features that you can use to record and archive group chats and conversations.

In the event that you wish to retrieve a complete history of these conversations for purpose of tracing the genesis of decisions, these recording/archiving features can come quite handy. To put it briefly, your team's effective capacity and productivity will see improvement with the help of full back up, security, and easy record retrieval among other features available on online project management software.

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