Linux or Windows VPS Hosting – Which is the right choice for you?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine used for hosting any online website. It is a virtual server hosted on a physical server. It is one of the various types of web hosting that is required to host any website online. Setting and managing a server is not only difficult for an average person but also too expensive. To make the job more comfortable, you can opt for a VPS which is proficient in four main areas viz. control, performance, stability, and security. A VPS has its Operating System. This enables the client to install almost any software that prevails on any operating system. Purchasing a web hosting service permits the client to charter a web space on the internet. The users then have to upload the web files on the server to host their website online. There are two main types of VPS – Linux and Windows.

Linux VPS:

Linux is a cheaper Virtual Private Server or VPS than Windows as Linux has free installation whereas Windows requires a specified operating systems license. While opting for a Linux VPS, always choose the best Linux VPS hosting provider to avail the best features.

Linux has better speed than the conventional mechanical disk drives. This high speed of Linux allows the user to have quicker access to the website. Linux is more fluid with the control panel. While Plesk is compatible with both Linux and Windows, a control panel is compatible only with Linux. Linux is an open source system which makes it remarkably resilient to the viruses and malware.

The main reason to use Linux is its flexibility. Every Virtual Private server has its own isolated space. This enables the users to install and remove various operating systems very quickly. The developers can also improve the performance or modify the applications as and when needed. This kind of flexibility is the main charm for many webmasters, designers, and general users.

Windows VPS:

Windows Virtual Private Server has a very user-friendly and comfortable interface. Windows VPS is the best option for any business that runs majorly on Microsoft software. Websites built with ASP.NET require Windows Virtual Private Server for better performance. Windows also offer remote desktop access. This enables the user to directly access the web files from anywhere to the virtual private server or VPS. This particular feature makes Windows virtual private server easier to use and manage than the Linux VPS.

Difference between Linux and Windows VPS:

  • The basic difference between the best Linux VPS hosting and the best Windows VPS hosting is that Linux is an open source operating system and the Windows VPS is a commercial operating system.
  • Linux is a free VPS whereas the Windows VPS is relatively expensive.
  • Windows cannot be customized whereas Linux can be customized according to the user’s requirement.
  • Linux is accessible only with login ID and a password, whereas Windows has open access to all.
  • The file names in Linux are case sensitive whereas the files in Windows VPS are not case sensitive.
  • Linux and Windows both support the provision of hidden files.

Which is the right choice?

Many factors are to be taken into consideration while deciding on a web hosting server. The decision for a VPS depends not only on the price and specifications of the installation but also the scripts, and database required for the websites.

Price: The Linux is far more pocket-friendly for a user as it is free whereas the Windows VPS requires a specific server license.

Security: The user should take into consideration the security of their websites and web files on the server. Linux being an open source system, it is resilient to external malware and viruses. In windows VPS the user has to pay for a controlled antivirus system.

Performance: The flexibility in Linux allows the webmasters to play with various applications in the isolated space allotted to the server. This makes the performance better as it acts according to the requirement of the client. Whereas the Windows VPS does not allow the user to install or remove any application easily as per the requirement.

User-friendly: The basic point to consider while going for any web hosting is how user-friendly it is. Windows VPS is known for its easy access. It is accessible even to an average person with a little knowledge of computers. Linux, however, can become a bit tedious if one is not aware of its functions and applications.

All in all, both the operating systems have their strengths and flaws. The kind of business also determines which VPS should be used. Any business that runs largely on Microsoft software should use the Windows VPS as it is compatible with it. Any small firm or a startup can go for Linux as it is pocket-friendly and the installation is hassle-free. However, Windows being a more convenient and a user-friendly Operating System, it remains the most common choice for many users.

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