Liberty VPS Review: Pay with Bitcoin & Enjoy More Benefits

If you have a growing base of users, a VPS would be a perfect fit for all your needs. It is easily scalable and you have the root access to the server and the ability to customize it. Most of the small and medium enterprise as well as startups choose VPS for the same reason. Liberty VPS is the best option for you if you want a safe, secure and scalable VPS at an affordable price. The hosting provider offers great features and hosts your site in an offshore server. You can avail cutting edge features with Liberty VPS and you don’t have to worry about privacy at all.

What makes Liberty VPS special?

Among the various other payment methods that Liberty VPS provides, you will also find Bitcoin among them. Bitcoins is a type of digital currency which has not received financial adoption as of yet but there are various services on the internet for which you can pay through Bitcoins and Liberty VPS is one among them. The company accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments as it believes in the free speech of internet users. Bitcoins enable you to pay easily and safely. Apart from the exceptional service that it provides, this is something unique that Liberty VPS lets you do.


Features of Liberty VPS

Among all the brilliant features that the company provides, following are some of the best features you can avail from Liberty VPS.

No Overselling

Unlike many other hosting sites, Liberty VPS doesn’t oversell its servers just to maximize the profits. The company has user’s best interests in mind and thus utilizes all its servers efficiently without overselling them. This means you will get better performance off your VPS servers than any of the other competitors.


When you choose a VPS server, you expect better speed and performance from your server. The VPS servers at Liberty VPS provides up to a speed of 1 Gigabit. These servers are perfect for high bandwidth usages such as on torrent download, file sharing sites and many more such environments. All the Liberty VPS servers provide exceptional speed that you can trust your business or service with.

Stable and Reliable

Stability and Reliability are among the most important things when you choose a VPS servers. Be assured that Liberty VPS provides the most stable and reliable service that you can expect from a good hosting provider. Stability and reliability ensures that your servers stay up all the time without any downtime. VPS is always better than shared hosting in terms of stability and reliability.

Cost Effective

Usually, there is a notion in the minds of people that makes them believe that VPS is quite costly. But Liberty VPS provides all its services at very low costs with the best features and services that complement it. You would find the packages of Liberty VPS quite cost effective and cheaper than many of the other alternatives.

SolusVM Control Panel

A control panel lets you control your VPS server with ease and without any complications. All the servers at Liberty VPS come with a pre installed SolusVM control panel. It is one of the best control panels that you can use and makes it extremely simple for you to carry out complex and difficult tasks with your server. Also, even a layman can understand how to operate a control panel which is the whole purpose of it.

Instant Setup

Usually setting up a VPS properly is quite tedious but at Liberty VPS, you wouldn’t face such complications. Setting up a VPS server at Liberty VPS happens instantly and without any hassles at all. This is great for users who are doing it for the first time as they don’t know much about the technicalities of setting up a VPS server.

KVM Virtualization

All the VPS servers at Liberty VPS use the KVM virtualization technique which is one of the most popular virtualization techniques in the world. All the resources that you have in your server is completely dedicated to you and is not shared by anyone else. This means better optimization of every resource that your server has.

Offshore VPS

Liberty VPS provides offshore VPS hosting at an affordable pricing and all its services are located in The Netherlands. It is a good free speech country and aligns with what the company believes in. There are connections to multiple interconnections to AMS-IX that provides a speed of around 1 Gigabit line. The offshore VPS is designed to suit your needs and quickly get your site online.

High Privacy and Security

Privacy is one of the major concerns of Liberty VPS, it takes the privacy of its users and servers in high regards. The privacy policy of the company is made keeping in mind with the ability to keep your data safe and secure. This is the reason Liberty VPS provides offshore hosting to keep your data safe. For users who are concerned about privacy in their own country, they can choose the offshore hosting feature of Liberty VPS.

Exceptional customer service

Customer service is highly important when it comes to a hosting provider. Many a times, you would face problems with your server and you would have to contact their customer service representatives to get it solved. However, most of the users don’t face any issues but even when they go through any problems they can immediately get in touch with the customer service experts and resolve the problems quickly.


It offers two types of Offshore VPS hosting plans – Linux & Windows. The Linux VPS hosting starts from $19.99/month while the Windows VPS hosting starts from $24.99/month. Here are the plans:

offshore linux vps offshore windows vps

Final Thoughts

You have seen the features and what makes Liberty VPS so special, with the help of these pointers, you can now make a sane decision on which hosting provider you want to choose. If you compare Liberty VPS with other alternatives, it comes out as a clear winner. Customers who have once tried Liberty VPS do not resort back to any other provider owing to its exceptional customer service and technological features. If you are looking for a VPS server, make sure to give Liberty VPS a try.

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