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cloud_and_businessCloud computing is almost a decade old technology and is nowadays used for hosting websites, data, files, blog articles, and other business related documents. This technology has gained a lot of prominence since its inception as it offers a great deal of flexibility and features to the users.

Cloud computing has so many benefits to offer that it can tremendously increase your business growth. Following are some of the most common benefits extended by this technology.

1. Economic stability

Whenever any organization decides to adopt a new technology, the first thing which comes in the mind of the business owner is the price factor. They are always concerned with the fact that how much they will ultimately save at the end of the day.

According to the Gartner report bulk of new IT spending would be for cloud computing platforms by year 2016.

Cloud computing has a very less upfront cost and is a very economic technology which helps in slashing down the monthly expenditure significantly. Generally, the cloud computing services come up with "pay as up use" structure. This makes this service even more economic and affordable.

2. Scalability

Cloud computing is highly scalable and one of the basic reasons behind this enhanced scalability is the "pay as you use" model of this technology. In the initial stages you can start up with just a few resources and as your business expands and your requirements increase, you can multiply your cloud computing resources. This makes cloud computing the obvious choice of newly emerging businesses and the SMBs worldwide.

3. Accessibility

Cloud computing is becoming popular with each passing day and one of the major factors behind this hype is that anything presenton the cloud can be accessed from anywhere on the globe. If you have got your data and files hosted on the cloud, your employees and clients can access those data from anywhere and at any point of time till the moment they can connect to the Internet. This service is therefore highly beneficial for those employees who are generally on the move or for businesses which have their branches spread in multiple locations. For instance, companies like Astea provide mobile workforce management solutions for field workers.

4. User-friendly service

You might have experienced by now that any technology which you want to implement in your organization requires proper training for successful running in the future. On the other hand you do not need to gain expertise before implementing cloud computing in your business setup. Most of the companies praise this technology because they do not experience any kind of difficulty while transforming the working of their employees on the cloud. If you compare the learning curve of this technology with that of any other technology, you will find that the curve of cloud computing is very short as compared to the other technologies. Moreover, you need fewer employees to complete the same quantity of work on the cloud.

5. Workforce from anywhere on the globe

If you are not working with the cloud you can better understand how difficult it is to employ globalized work force in order to expand your business. Cloud computing eases this task and that too without costing much on your pocket. All you need is an Internet connection in order to connect all your employees from different countries on the cloud.

6. Flexibility

Generally it is not possible for you to experience this benefit of cloud computing until and unless you implement it. Most of the businesses worldwide have realized tremendous flexibility in their business setup after adopting this technology. No matter how many people you want to connect, or how many employees you want to access your data, or how many clients you want to go through your presentations, the cloud will always ensure you tremendous flexibility to do so. With this technology, you can customize the data accessibility levels within minutes instead of days in order to obtain entirely new accessibility configurations.

7. Duplication

With cloud computing, plenty of people irrespective of their location have the access to a common type of system. This is the reason which helps them in accessing the data, interfaces, files, and formulas which can be duplicated by them easily. Many businesses worldwide have gained tremendous success because of this feature.

8. New source of revenue

The technology of cloud computing is quite alluring. It has been observed that when a company adopts this technology and starts realizing its potential benefits, its owner develops the thought of becoming a cloud computing service provider himself. This feature of the cloud acts as a new source of income for the companies who can make huge profits by hosting the data of others on the cloud.

9. Availability of the IT staff for other useful activities

Once the data, platform, and infrastructure is shifted on the cloud, companies realize the importance of sparing more time to their IT and maintenance experts. IT experts will no more be engaged in the routine activities of maintaining the hardware and infrastructure existing in the organization. These maintenance activities generally consume about 70 to 75 % of the budget allotted by the companies for the technical activities. IT experts will no longer have to spend their time in these worthless matters and spend their time and energy on some useful activities related to the business.

10. Business takeover and merger becomes very easy

With the latest news of the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, it is very easy for one to judge that there is a continuous struggle among businesses to expand their setup by acquiring smaller businesses. Cloud computing has simplified the entire activity of business acquisition and merger. This technology has eradicated the activities of manual coding of very critical data and files from one platform to another. With cloud computing, it has now become very easy to integrate the data and records of your newly acquired firm in your existing database.

Cloud computing also enables two businesses to merge together with great ease. Generally the merging companies face great deal of hardships and waste a lot of time while integrating their businesses. These difficulties are easily sidelined and eradicated by adopting cloud computing.


As soon as any business switches to cloud computing, it starts realizing the benefits of this technology. Out of the ones mentioned above, first five are quite common and advertised ones while the next five are realized once a business adopts cloud computing.

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