Service Review: Insight Stash

How do you gauge your performance online? How do tell if the direction you are heading is indeed the right one? This is where Insight Stash comes in. This is basically a tool that aims at providing you with a better online experience, particularly for websites. With insight Stash, it is possible to evaluate where your website stands in terms of performance while identifying some of the problems that could be holding you back.
Among the key Insight Stash platform features include:

Customizable Survey Forms

When creating your survey at Insight Stash, you can come up with individually formulated fast, simple feedback forms. This means that you can make forms based different cases and individual participants. The importance of this feature is to ensure that accuracy is upheld when conducting a survey.
It is possible to filter questions for the purpose of accuracy. It is also possible to direct particular questions to particular parties- an added reason why Insight Stash is deemed accurate.

Comprehensive Reporting Capacity

In addition to an in-depth analysis done by Insight Stash, it is also possible to receive a comprehensive report. The platform is able to critically scrutinize different aspects in regards to website performance and provide a justified and factual report.
To begin with, the platform is able to analyze data based on different fields. For instance, you can check client responses based on URL, location, or type of device used. This ensures that you get specified report for the sake of accuracy.
Under the same umbrella, the reporting feature of the platform gives room for easy importation of data. Upon checking the analytics, you can simply export data directly to the browser or email address. It might also interest you to know that the platform gives room for exportation of files in different formats including HTML, JSON, or CSV.

Controlled Survey

How intensive do you want your web survey to be? This is for you to answer since Insight Stash provides you with the freedom to tune your survey just the way you want. You can decide to display archived survey or better still hide it. You can also manage surveys based on their duration and time of record.
In other words, it is possible to prepare a survey, generate a copy of the same, and launch it based on your specifications. All this is done to facilitate customized survey for accurate results in the end.

Precision Targeting

With Insight Stash, it is possible to decide on who to get feedback forms and who should not. The platform allows you to do so based on different aspects that include technology and referrals.
The importance of this feature is to ensure that the feedback you get is indeed relevant and of help to your business. Aside from that, the platform also gives the user a chance to control the length and complexity of surveys. That way, those involved in the survey can speak out their views based on the length proposed by the survey creator. You can check Insight Stash form examples to have a general idea.

Cookie Tracking

It is possible for one visitor to submit response severally. This is not important. In fact, it can end up wasting much of your time especially when there are so many surveys to be checked. Insight Stash provides you with a way of avoiding spam responses.
The platform has the capacity to track cookies and identify a responder who was at the site before. As the operator, you can go right ahead and prevent the said visitor from dropping another response. In this regard, the feature works towards upholding non-biased outcomes.

Responsive Design

You could be wondering if Insight Stash is able to adapt to different displays on different devices. The answer is YES! This is because the design of Instant Stash is friendly enough and fully responsive. This implies that you can open the site from your mobile device, computer, and any other Internet-enabled device. All default themes are fully compatible with mobile devices.

Sentiment Analysis

It is very possible to track the response of your prospective clients based on the sentiments they made. This is done to help in bringing out a better judgment by the website owner. The feelings expressed by visitors are an important determinant on if you are heading towards the right direction or not.


Insight Stash has the capacity to improve your online presence while helping you reach out to a large number of prospects. All the above and other features are at your complete disposal hence it is for you to make the best out of the platform.

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