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the quality translation services

Different countries interact with each other quite actively nowadays. Some states are ready to import medicines, equipment, clothing, food, etc. You need to understand the essence of the description to correctly understand the composition, technical characteristics, methods of use. Ordinary translators can give you only a superficial translation. If there are terms from a narrowly focused topic, the presentation will be distorted. To do everything right, you should contact HQ-translate, a company that provides quality translation services. Professional translators work here with an understanding of the adverbs and dialects. They are versed in terminology, ready to adapt the text to the needed audience easily.

The team consists of linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers, and web programmers with solid professional experience. We specialize in various types of document presentation services (general, educational, legal, medical, technical, financial, engineering, hi-tech and science-intensive, marketing and business translations, and much more).

What is the quality work for us:

– the skill and experience of linguists;

– the efficiency of the translation process;

– the detailed research of the topic under discussion;

– the discerning standards of project managers;

– the personal responsibility and commitment of all participants;

– the use of the latest technologies in this area.

The translation must be accurate and reflect the meaning correctly, also to be effective having the needed impact and fit the parameters of the project.

The Specificities

You should understand that a required revision text can carry a different informational load. For some purposes a high level of literacy and knowledge of the specifics will be required, for others – accuracy in key queries, and so on.

A document requires an impeccable presentation that will serve as evidence in court proceedings or represent the company for clients.

How is the work taking place

It is important to understand what process the translation should go through before it reaches the client for the understanding of what the quality of the text means. Most translators have a well-coordinated procedure that looks something like this:

– Obtaining a document and asking related questions to understand the customer’s needs.

– Reading the source to understand its content, context, purpose, and intended audience.

– Study. Marking any areas that may be ambiguous or unfamiliar. Clarification of these sections through research. To do this, you will need to contact the client or the author of the document.

– Drawing updrafts.

– Editing.

– Offline editing. Previewing the document for the reader, who would not normally compare the text to the original. Making adjustments to ensure that the document does not lose meaning

– Proofreading to ensure there are no typographical errors.

– Third-party verification for unintentional omissions.

Each step has its nuances and requires many professional solutions to achieve the correct result. But a mistake in any of the above areas could jeopardize the final product.

We do not recommend using the usual translation offered by well-known companies “Yandex” and “Google”. Although they are constantly improving their work, there are not enough terms in their vocabulary that could accurately illuminate the meaning.

Company advantages

You can count on your documents, certificates, and official appeals to be presented correctly addressing a team of professionals. Customers who are not familiar with the language will receive accurate information without being distorted by an online translator.

The job of linguists is to study the question. They understand legal, medical, scientific issues. Also, they are familiar with laws, management, trade agreements. They are ready to interact with the client throughout the entire period of cooperation, staying in touch 24/7.

The complexity of the terminology that is applied in a particular field cannot be conveyed by an ordinary translator. If you need to create a business agreement or a manual for medical equipment, you need a special approach. Each word mustn’t lose its meaning. Translation flaws and liberties are not allowed. If you want your business to go global, research, and scientific work, evaluated by foreign colleagues, it is better to deal with professionals.

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