How VPSs Have Changed the World of Web Hosting

Web hosting is a crucial aspect of maintaining an online presence, particularly for companies, big or small. If you are running an online business that brings in money, you cannot rely much on free services to keep you secure. Web hosting is the key that gives you access to as much control as you need online. With the advent of VPS (Virtual Private Server), web hosting is more secure and affordable. That security and affordability introduced other advantages as well. If you haven’t considered VPS yet, keep reading to realize what it has done for website owners; hence, what it can do for you.

Did I Say it’s Affordable?

Oh yes, I mentioned something like that in the intro. Well, in the world of web hosting, you’ll come across about five different kinds of web hosting. Of these five or more types of web hosting, the top two will invariably be shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The other kinds of hosting tend to be better or worse versions of these two. VPS incorporates traits of both.

Dedicated hosting is expensive because of the resources required to acquire and manage it. Shared hosting is cheap because it demands fewer acquisition resources and little to no maintenance is necessary on the user’s side. Moreover, compared to dedicated-hosting, shared hosting tends to limit a webmaster’s degree of control over the server.

VPS, sharing the characteristics of both dedicated and shared hosting, brings the expensive and cheap aspects of web hosting closer to present an option that’s isn’t too expensive but secure and reliable.

In addition, with cryptocurrencies becoming a standard form of payment online, you can buy VPS with bitcoin and instantly get access to your server to start hosting your site. It involves a simple process that will cost you a fraction of your bitcoin wallet – the main concepts here being simplicity, affordability, reliability, and security.

For the Control Freak

VPS gave webmasters and website owners the opportunity to have full control of their servers. They enable them to do virtually whatever they like with their servers, an option mainly available with dedicated servers.

VPS is a dedicated virtual server that’s contained in a physical server, where other virtual servers may also reside. It is virtual but its behavior echoes that of an actual dedicated server. Anything you can do on an actual server, you can with a VPS.

If you prefer to be in control of everything you do on your website’s server but you don’t want to break your bank in the process, VPS is the way to go.

More Administration, Less Preparation

Setting up a physical server takes a while. You have to deal with the hardware to ensure everything is right and working fine. You have to afterward deal with software to confirm the same. Then you have to ensure everything in the network is working, your website is working, and various other things.

With VPS, you dive right into the software part where you configure your NOS (Network Operating System), set up your website, and confirm that everything is working as expected.

Your VPS provider takes care of things to do with hardware. In case of any challenges on that level, it’s not your problem; it’s theirs. And trust me; if you have never tackled server hardware issues, you don’t want to.

This saves you both time and money, for time is money. You spend more time guaranteeing the operation of your website and not configuring or reinstalling things unnecessarily.

Thanks to virtual machines technology, VPS came to be. Now website owners all over the world are able to spend more time as administrators of their websites with full control over them, without hurting their bank accounts in the process.

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