How to Use Instagram to Share with Other Social Networks?

In the beginning, there weren’t as many social networks as we have now. Today, we have many choices like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so many others. Some experts predict the future of social media to feature many more mind-blowing networks.

Each platform has unique features that separate it from other platforms. The choice depends on several factors and personal preferences.

Some people only want to use one social media network because they feel that it is too much work to create content for multiple channels. Well, news flash, if you’re planning to become an Instagram influencer in little to no time, you’ve got no choice but to find a way to get your content on multiple channels because that’s how you can get exposure.

Thankfully, it is not so hard getting sharing the same content on several different channels. You just need to know how to do it.

Instagram is a perfect example. As one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, Instagram has revolutionized the way videos and photographs are shared with people online. They now make it easier to share your Instagram media content on your Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter channels too.

Remember that Facebook is the parent company of Instagram. When Facebook restricted most third-party apps from posting on its personal feeds in 2018, they still allowed posts on Instagram. Since Instagram is owned and controlled by Facebook, it is technically not a third-party company. This allows the two platforms to be integrated more closely.

The Steps for Sharing Instagram Posts

The advantage of sharing Instagram posts is to accumulate more viewers and followers to your channel. Before you do so, it might be a good idea to buy 50 Instagram likes for your posts first. The likes will make your posts look more popular as you bring in new traffic from other social media networks. The new viewers are more likely to follow your channel if they see interesting posts with several likes. But be careful when you’re buying likes because there are lots of fake Instagram likes out there.

Are you confused about how to share your content? Below are the top seven steps for sharing Instagram posts with other social networks.

1) Instagram Home Screen

Take out your Android or iOS smartphone device. Open the Instagram app if you already have it installed. Otherwise, visit the Google Play or Apple App Store to download the Instagram app for your operating system.

Instagram is free to download and use. You will never get asked to pay anything. When you’re ready to open the app, you’ll see the Instagram icon somewhere on your phone’s display screen. Tap on the icon to open the app.

2) Choose Linked Accounts

When you see the Instagram home screen, give the profile icon a light tap with your finger. The upper right area of the screen has a menu of different options available. Tap on the “Account” option and choose “Linked Accounts.”

You’ll see a list of other social media networks, such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have an account with any of these other networks, you must select each account you want to link to your Instagram account. You will get asked to enter your login information for each account you choose.

If you successfully enter your accurate login information for each third-party social media channel, they will get linked to your Instagram account. It will be effortless to post your Instagram content on those other networks from this point forward.

3) Choose Images to Share

On the bottom of the Instagram profile screen, you should see a “+” plus sign icon in the middle of it. Tap the plus icon to see a list of available Instagram photos to share. Select the items you want to share on your other social media channels. Tap “Next” after choosing the images.

4) Apply Filters

Instagram has several built-in photo editing tools and filters. Before you share the photos on the other networks, you have the option to apply edits and filters to the images. These filters can enhance the brightness, contrast, and other visual elements of the photos. Once you’re satisfied with how they appear, tap the “Next” button.

5) Add a Caption and Location

The final screen gives you a plethora of options before the post gets shared. As usual, you have the chance to write a caption underneath your photo. The caption will help explain the significance of the photo to the followers and viewers. If you add a location, it will give more context to the photo by letting people know where the captured scene is located.

6) Choose Social Media Accounts

You’ll see a list of your linked social media accounts at the bottom of the same final screen. The accounts you select are where the photos will get shared. Choose some or all of the accounts, depending on your preferences.

Instagram makes it easy to select all the accounts at once. You should see a virtual slider button on top of the list, above all the other slider buttons next to their respective accounts. If you’d rather select only some of the accounts, toggle on the slider button switches next to those accounts.

7) Final Advice About Sharing on Facebook

When you share Instagram content on Facebook, the default setting will put the posts on your Facebook profile page. But if you want the content to show up on one of your Facebook fan pages, you can do that instead.

In the Instagram app, tap on the “Settings” button and choose “Account.” Select the “Sharing to Other Apps” option and then select “Facebook.” You might need to enter your login information if it isn’t already saved in the app. Now tape the “Share To” button and select the Facebook fan page where you want the post to show up.

Alternative Sharing Tips

Do you prefer the old-fashioned method of sharing Instagram posts with a URL address? Instagram makes it easy for users to copy their post’s URL link and paste it to another social media post.

You will see three dots “…” above every post. Tap on the dots to see a menu of available options. Choose the “Copy Link” option to copy the URL address of the post. Now open your other social media app and start to create a post. You should see a paste icon in the toolbar of the message box. Tap the paste icon, and the URL address will appear in the box.

Some social media networks can retrieve the content linked to the URL and post it up on your channel automatically. Facebook, for instance, will show the content from your Instagram post URL. Since more people are likely to respond to visual content rather than a URL link, the content retrieval feature will tremendously help you.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? Some people have separate accounts for themselves and their businesses. If you’d like to share content on your Facebook account from all of your Instagram accounts, you’re allowed to do it. Just connect each Instagram account to your Facebook profile. Then each time you make an Instagram post from any of those accounts, your Facebook friends will receive a notification to inform them of it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!