How to Save Money on Your International Calls

Communication is a very important thing and it is not a surprise to find yourself needing to contact a friend, family, lover, or stranger in another country. However, the problem with calls that cross the border or borders is that the charges can skyrocket like crazy. It’s only natural to consider the most affordable way of making such calls so that you don’t hurt your pockets and you get to correspond with whomever you want. If that’s what has brought you here, then let’s get down to business. Here are a couple of cheap ways of making international calls.

  1. Why call when you can text?

Seriously, there is Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or even Google Hangouts; these are all free services that enable you to communicate with anyone around the world free of charge. Of course, data charges may apply but there is free Wi-Fi everywhere, and besides, data charges are mostly billed on a monthly basis. You won’t be paying any extra for these communications. If you just need to communicate with the other person, just instant message them via any of the suggested apps. Seriously, it’s free!

  1. If you must call someone…

If you really must call someone, if you must really hear their voice, if you must really shout at them for them to get it, then at least consider one of the following apps that will enable you to call them free of charge:

  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • iPhone FaceTime

Often, using the suggested apps works best if the person you want to talk to is on the same platform. As in, if it’s Skype, then it’s best if the other person is also on Skype. When you try to crisscross platforms, data charges may start spiking again and that’s what we want to avoid.

  1. Steer Clear Of US Registered Cell Phones

If you are in the US or from the US and intend to make international phone calls with the intent of saving money, you will want to avoid US registered cell phones. US registered cell phones are ideal for use within the country, but if you must make international phone calls with one, then it’s best to use the internet and make use of apps like Worldchat that will significantly help you save a lot of money. You can use this app whithout the need of Wi-Fi or Data, with the same quality as a regular call with your operator of choice. Moreover, you can call to more than 100 countries, with different rates according to destination. The app is designed to make phone calls both fixed and mobile, so you must have a SIM card with an assigned US phone number (there is no version for iPad).

  1. Ask For International Packages From Your Provider

Ask your landline provider if they offer international packages. If they do, great! Chances are that you will save some money this way compared to if you decide to make international calls under the expensive rates that plague overseas calls. If your provider does not offer international calls packages and you know you will be making international calls often, consider that a wakeup call to switch providers and go for one that will cater to all your needs.

Also, not all landline providers that offer international calls packages include all countries in the world. Forbes indicates that some providers leave out obvious countries like South Africa, India, and Pakistan. If you intend to be making calls to any of these countries, you may want to confirm. Usually, this information is included in the small print. So remember to read the small print rather than assuming all is well.

  1. Consider a pre-dial provider

A pre-dial provider will give you a unique prefix like 0844 to enter prior to making an international call. This option is best if you don’t make overseas calls often; for instance, if perhaps you call your parents or other significant individuals in times like Thanksgiving or the holidays.

These are some of the best options for you if you intend to save money when making international phone calls. You must be a frugal person to consider this option and it is smart of you. There is really no need to waste money when you can easily save it for something else. The options suggested here are obvious and simple and I don’t think you’ll need any special gadgets or hacking tools. Remember to pass my greetings to your international friend while you go on and on and on about how you miss them, or not.

If you have any questions, please ask below!