How to Choose a VPS Hosting for Your Business

trhtyhtyehetGoing with a VPS provider is the ideal solution for many business owners, as it is the perfect go-between if you want the power of a dedicated server but you do not have the money to pay for that. A VPS, or virtual private server, is created by dividing the physical server into many different portions, and those portions are run independently. When you are using a VPS service, you are receiving a portion of a server that you are sharing with many other individuals or businesses. However, only you and the provider have access to your specific server.

Choosing the best host is not easy, especially if you are on a budget. And there are so many VPS providers, which can make the decision even more confusing. You can do a simple search on Google, and you will see valid options until the fifth or sixth results page – far too many sites for you to scroll through. That is why you need to organize your search in a better way. What features matter most with a VPS? Here is our list.

  1. RAM and CPU

Think about your own desktop or laptop. If you notice the machine slowing down, why is that happening? It is either because you have too many applications running and your RAM is close to 100 percent usage, or you are doing some task that is taking up too much CPU power which pushes you close to 100 percent usage.

The same concept applies to a VPS. If you have too little RAM and CPU power, you will find that your site slows down and does not perform properly if it gets too much traffic.

The CPU is also going to be running the many programs and services that you are using on your site. If you have low CPU power, it means those services run inefficiently, or they may not run at all.

  1. Proper Control Panel

A VPS host could have all the bells and whistles, but if you do not have a proper control panel feature, you will struggle to manage everything. VPS hosting is complicated by nature, which is why you need a good control panel that helps you handle server administration and other services. Any of the useful features that you want to use on the VPS are easily manageable with a good control panel. Luckily, you can get a linux VPS hosting here– which does feature a top control panel.

  1. Server Reliability

VPS hosting is very reliable by nature. But any time you are sharing a massive server with many other businesses, there will be some issues. And the companies that better handle these issues are the ones you want to give your money to. Virtualization and running the server takes a lot of power, which will hurt the provider’s physical servers. The companies that have a system to handle issues, and ensure stability, are the ones that can provide you with a top quality service.

  1. Track Record

It is tempting to go with a new company, as they will usually offer you very good deals on price. You will think the price to features ratio is very enticing. But a new company means they have no track record, and little experience in dealing with the many issues that can arise when a VPS service is being offered. You do not want to take that risk.

As a business, you only have your website that will make or break your reputation. You are using this site to either promote your business, or to sell products and services through the site. In either case, you need a site with 99.99% uptime, and one that remains efficient with high traffic.

You can only manage those things if you go with a VPS host that has a great track record; a VPS host that has uptime and reliability statistics that are a match for anyone else. Partner with a company that can give you a great service at a good price, and will always be at the forefront of new technologies and features related to virtual private servers. It will ensure that you have a very good experience with this transaction.

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