How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Service

Looking to attract refined users, authority links and gaining attention from substantial resources will mean publishing your newswires or press releases. Now, publication of press releases is a crucial part you can’t afford to overlook. It gets you to discover and communicate with the new and potential audience and helps in increasing your brand awareness and brand visibility.

So, choosing a newswire distribution service is critical. How precisely do you determine which press release distribution service to hire? Apart from selecting a newswire service provider, you must focus on additional services offered by them such as communication network, authority link, branded anchor, etc.

To ensure that you select a reliable press release service provider here are a set of questions that you must have answers to, for your press release to work the way you want.

  • What outcome do you want by doing the press release?
  • Focus on your potential audience?
  • What features apart from distribution are essential to achieving your goals?
  • Your expectations from the service provider regarding the quality of service and support.
  • Is there alternate or collective ways of elevating success for your newswire?

If you can accurately find answers to these questions, you are ready to proceed to find the best distribution service, vendor. These questions will help you match the potential of distribution agencies with your goals and to narrow down your options on finding the most suitable press release distribution service provider.

Now when answering on “how to choose,” the above questions are your guide. If an actual press release distribution service covers all aspects of your answers to these questions, there is no doubt on not hiring it.

If I were to summarise on a guide on how to choose, here are the things I will be looking for a suitable press release distribution service provider:

  • The distributor must be a branded name or at least have industry experience at its best
  • It would be highly likely to expect from the distributor to analyze the industry and provider vendors that can give more visibility
  • The distributor must know about content editing to edit and make the content crisp and informative
  • The distributor must have hands-on experience in revising authority links and branded backlinks with an approach towards keywords( as in SEO)
  • A distributor that can provide both online and offline media coverage is always preferred
  • Get to know the website on which they will publish your newswire
  • How will such distributor measure or report about the release to you? This implies to the quantum of audiences approached, traffic generated, leads generated, authority links distribution and social media response.

With social media taking a front seat, I would prefer a distributor service that can tap into the benefits of Social Media as well. When press release distribution channels through social media, it brings plenty of benefits. Take it as a combined benefit of the press release and social media marketing bought together.

So if you are looking to hire a distributor for news feeds, launch, events or any upcoming attraction for your website or business here are some options that you can consider:

  • Cision
  • Business Wire
  • PR Newswire
  • PRgloo
  • PRWeb
  • Marketwired
  • Newswire

Speaking of press release services, they have been one of the most critical parts of communication and attention sites for decades. It all started in 1950’s-60’s, and since then it has scaled. Only recently with Digital marketing taking all the attention has made websites focusing on it but still, press release provides you with some genuine and authority links that are regarded in Google ranking algorithm.

Today’s most of the PR distribution services providers also provide alert software, contact database, content editing and publishing and campaign analytical services as well.

But before you take up the service, it is essential to analyze your business trends and impacts carefully. You must focus only on that section of people or areas where you know what you communicate is read. What is important here is to understand team limitation of PR even with all the benefits it provides. If your business communication is strictly in the nature that it will benefit from the Press release then only you take it up, else like other doing some good strategic digital marketing is something you can always count.

If you have any questions, please ask below!