How To Be Successful In Contest Entries – The Ultimate Guide

Are you participating in an online contest? If you are and have the desire to win then you are at the right place. As you read through you would understand how to win such a contest.

Winning means that you have a maximum number of votes which is more than other contestants. So, there must be a proper planning which will enable you to have such votes so that you are declared the winner. You may have read or tried various ways but all may have failed. These ways that we are going to discuss now are sure to make you the winner. Let us see how to make that possible.

Have a proper plan

Planning is required in everything that we do and it is so in this case also. So, seat down before the contest date and plan your way out to be a winner. You may be thinking what to plan for. Yes, we are coming to that. You must plan from where and how you will get votes because that what counts. Make a list of the person whom you can approach to vote for you and how often you should approach them. You must also have a backup plan so that if the first list fails then you can depend on the second.

Family and acquaintances

It is seen that generally people who know you will only vote for you. Your family members and acquaintances are the ones who know you best. So, it would be better to approach them in order to have the desired vote for winning an online contest. It is not that you need to know a lot of people but you must know some who will definitely vote for you.

It is best to approach them through e-mails so that they become aware and can even forward the same e-mail with a word from them to someone whom they know requesting to vote for you. The e-mail must specifically specify what needs to be done to vote for you. So, that it becomes easier to follow and to vote. One suggestion can be put forward to those contacted is to make the URL of your voting page to be their homepage for that period of time when they need to vote for you.

Contact your e-mail contacts

There are many contacts in your e-mail whom you may not know personally but have e-mail contacts frequently. Try contacting them through e-mail and specify the way to vote. When you get a reply back from them that they voted for you never forget to thank them. If the contest is a long drawn one then you must send reminder e-mails so that they do not forget to vote for you again.

Use Social Media Sites

Vote From Facebook: Facebook can be your able friend to have votes to win an online voting contest. E-mail your friends and acquaintances using your own Facebook account. You can also post the appeal to vote for you on your wall so that people become aware and can vote for you. You can post such appeal twice a day, once in the morning and again in the night.

If you play games on Facebook then you must have noticed that gifts and communication can be sent to others. You can use this as a way to make them know that you require their votes to win an online contest. Like when you send a gift to someone includes a line stating your appeal and the link to vote.

You can also use the Facebook group that you have and place the appeal for voting. Whenever you make such an appeal never forget to attach the link to which one can vote and also state the correct procedure to vote.

It is for sure that these ways will enable you to have that number of votes to win the contest. If you think these above ways are sufficient for you then you can stop reading but if not then there are other ways too. Let us have a look at those. Sometimes, you can see some ads on Facebook like “get online votes for contest”. These ads are from online votes suppliers. When you need fast votes for fun, you can use some services simply like this. Let’s look at another big social media, Twitter.

Effective use of Twitter: Like Facebook, you can also use the Twitter account that you have. There may be many followers there so why leave them from voting for you. It is seen that you can send 250 DM every 24 hours. The only problem is that you can send only one DM at a time. So, if you have 1800 followers then it is time-consuming. Yes, there are ways to avoid such inconvenience also. So, when you follow such steps then you will be able to contact your followers easily and have the required vote for winning an online contest.

It can be said with certainty that following these tips you will have the desired votes to be declared a winner. So, follow these and be a sure winner.

If you have any questions, please ask below!