How the Internet Changed Television

Social media revolutionizes everything, especially in the field of communication. Even with the internet still in the growth phase and especially because services related to access are still very contrary to surveys that show more and more people are spending a lot of time connected. The internet reaches almost all aspects, even including how people try their luck. Established casinos are now rolled by the waves of online casinos with a variety of interesting games.

Television has long been the main tool of mass communication and continues to write trends and make a big impact on society. But the empire created by major publishers in this country also succumbed to the recent revolution. This revolution cannot be dammed and prevented. This revolution happened automatically along with the widespread influence of the Internet on various aspects of human life. Today we cannot live without the Internet; to buy tickets we use the Internet, to buy clothes we usually buy from online stores, even for dating friends, many people use the services of online dating sites. This is a revolution in human life.

We cite here some findings that prove that these large communication companies are surrendering new technologies, either for fear of being replaced by them or simply to offer more complete services to tele audiences. Just keep reading!


Probably one of the first television areas to try to adapt internet news. Journalism adapts to the internet, we see journalistic programs from various stations making stories about the web, trying to withdraw those who migrated to the internet. Broadcasters do this while also worrying about not discussing a subject that some of their viewers might not watch, because not everyone has access to the internet, email or Twitter. The power that television has is the key to influencing people to access the internet. Once the internet began to become a hall of journalism, it made people try to be included in the world too. Even the Internet is seen as a more effective medium for promoting things that are difficult to promote through TV such as online casinos, CBD products and so on.

Other revolutions brought about by the web are subjects that still create very controversial discussions, guidelines for making the internet in newspapers. We have seen examples of fake news circulating on the network and this is very common and in these games hidden real terror for those who work with journalism, where the effort to be the first to bring information ends by attracting many professionals to rely on luck. Other needs that have turned into efforts to attract audiences back to television have forced these same media to open channels of interaction on the web, such as blogs, Twitter, etc.


The novel might be the best television tool to use its power. We can see this effect when we see the mode released by the 20 hour novel that is happening. We see in this universe, more and more, the appearance of characters using the internet on their day-to-day days, will this be the final reflection of reality or an attempt to include people who use the web in their daily lives.

The internet has also written scripts and predicted the end … that’s true. I hope this is not new news for anyone, but these novels are being written and adapted because there is feedback from the population. This return is facilitated and maximized with the internet.


We have seen that the internet has changed the main broadcast scheduling network in several countries. Like in any company, broadcasters live based on results and feedback from customers, viewers in terms of television. This feedback is often collected through field surveys now completed or even replaced by online surveys. Online surveys really replace the role of traditional surveys and this, again is something natural given the widespread influence of the Internet.


Traditional advertising subjects for new advertisements are commonplace. Many have expressed fear of ending traditional web advertising, I think not, we are only experiencing a period of convergence and advertising and marketing agencies should be present in this new digital world. Advertising on television is still one of the main forms of gathering publishers, after all, the market share of advertising spending still stands as follows:

Open TV – 60.9%
newspaper – 14.1%
magazine – 7.7%
radio – 4.4%
internet – 4.3%
Pay TV – 3.7%
external media – 2.9%
guide and list – 1.6%
cinema – 0.4%

So, unfortunately, we must be prepared to live with traditional advertisements that are valid for a long time. Before you disagree with me, I am not saying that I am against traditional advertising, it is only against how to use it. This is something completely different but many people find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

With the decline in the number of viewers, the popularization of the web and the growth of a segmented market, companies began to rethink their investments on television, which of course made us rethink the situation of publishers, where this reality was controlled by several groups.


Another function missing from television is the power of entertainment that has been “stolen” through the internet, especially among young audiences. When I was young, I would come from school and immediately watch television. It’s now normal to see children searching the internet to entertain themselves with games and with social networks. This is the entertainment paradigm shift that we face here.

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